Gratuitous Olympic Nudity

It would seem that the Summer Olympics have begun. (I wouldn’t know since I have little interest).

But, this post of mine is generating many,many,many hits (Rule 5 works !!!):

And  thanks to Bob :

Here is another beach volleyball photo:

Sex Sells

This is my second most viewed post:

There is a political blog that I enjoy reading ( WARNING !!! If you are the type that avoid political topics, don’t go there !!

But he gives very detailed instructions about how to get 1,000,000 hits on your blog:

Rule #5 =  Sex !!!!!!!

Below are the searches that lead readers to my post about Olympic volleyball uniforms.

It’s important to note that the growth, expansion and technological advancement in the early days  of the internet were due to online porn and men looking for it.

Now, some of the search terms seem kind of “creepy”.

“close up snap shots of olympian vollyball women players free download”

“hot women beach volleyball close up pics”

“bending over shorts”

I did not make that post with the intent of deliberately drawing in readers.

The caveat is that when I did a “Google” image search, I think the term I used was “women’s beach volleyball”