Smokin’ !

SMOKIN’ !!!!

Things that have been on the smoker.




Turkey Wings:

I’ve bought smoked wings before when they were marked down at the store before and I saw these wings were marked down as well.  I shredded the meat and had them with rice for my lunch for the week.  They turned out really well.


Lamb Shanks:

I’ve bought lamb shanks before on sale and thought they were fine when I cooked them.  Thought I would try smoking them.  They turned out “OK.”  I haven’t eaten a lot of lamb in my life but I do like my lamb rare and theses were well done.  Shanks also have a lot of tendons and connective tissue and makes a bit of work to eat.  They tasted fine, but doubt I will smoke shanks again.


Yep. another slab o’ bacon.  The last one I made had too much brown sugar on it so this time I went with a bit less.  Also, I had to use table salt instead of kosher salt and I did not use enough.  No salty flavor at all.  But, the good thing is even if the bacon is a failure, I still have smoked pork !!!

Happy Fourth of July !!

CRIKEYS am I behind on my holidays !!

Well, life happens…………………….

So my mother calls and wants me to come over on the Fourth and cook.

I actually managed not to have to work on the Fourth so there was no big rush in trying to cook for everyone.

My contribution was going to be my “Boneless Stuffed Wings.”


Wings, Cream Cheese and some small Jalapeno peppers.


I’m never going to be good enough to be a prep monkey in a restaurant, but I’m getting pretty good at de-boning wings.

The bones and bits were saved to make soup.


I found that it was very hard to use a larger pepper filled with cream cheese and insert into the wing without tearing the wing and there was actually too much pepper in each bite.  So I decided to go with using just strips of some smaller peppers.


All boned out and stuffed !!


My mother had about 20 pounds of steak to cook and several packages of bratwurst.   I only did about a 1/4 of the steak and none of the bratwurst.


A little BBQ sauce charred up on the wings !!


The cherry tree had a good supply of cherries so I picked a bunch.  My mothers spends maybe one day a month making and freezing pie crusts so at a moments notice she can make a pie, so these became desert.

If any of you ladies need to know, cherry pie is my favorite ( Lemon Meringue a close second)


A number of years ago, we took down a corn crib on my dad’s property and he used bits of the innard workings to make a nice planter.






Pork Fork’n Time

Several weeks ago my wife and daughter had a pig roast lunch at their church, and they both ended up liking the “Pulled Pork Sandwiches”. They even brought quite a bit of the leftovers home.

I found a small pork shoulder at the store and bought it.

Out on the grill for about 2 hours

This little piggy doesn’t know what’s in store for it



Since my wife didn’t get any sides to go with dinner, there was just baked potatoes.

Happy Father’s Day !!

Well, at least my Father’s Day post is more timely than my Mother’s Day post !

My mother was in England and my father was invited by other in laws for the day so it was just  my in laws this day.

It could have well have been called “Meat-A-Paloza” with all that I made !!

We start out with a nice slab of St. Louis style ribs.  I sprinkled a little “Soul Food” seasoning on them before wrapping them up in foil.  They cooked for about an hour before I unwrapped them and began putting BBQ sauce on them.

We had a package of leg quarters, so I cut them up into pieces.

Ahhh, the wings.

Yep, I de-boned most of them.

Some jalapeno peppers and cream cheese

The peppers stuffed with the cream cheese and soon to be inserted into the boneless wings.

Here’s most of the food cooking.

Asparagus wrapped in prosciutto.

The prosciutto got nice and crisp.

What may have been at one time a chicken.

Mmmmmmm, PORK !!!!!

Bean salad, pilaf, fruit salad (and of course MEAT !!)

The grill was way to filled to cook the wings, so I saved them for the next day.

These nasty bastards were incredible !!!

I can’t wait to whip up another batch soon.

Beef Backribs and Pork Chops

I received a text from my wife while she was at the grocery store:

“beef ribs on special, want?”

My reply:

“only if they are short ribs”

I know my cow parts, those ain’t short ribs.

I usually don’t buy the back ribs because generally there isn’t a lot of meat on them and they do seem to be tougher.

But this time, I wrapped them in foil and cooked them for about an hour before I put the BBQ sauce on them.

No one else would eat the ribs so a side order of bone in pork chops was cooked also.  “Bone in” is the only way to go !! (double entendre !!)  See that little round piece of meat near the tail of the bone that’s surrounded by fat??  Best part ever !!

Had a couple of Brat buns leftover from a previous dinner.

Made a little bit of compound butter with garlic salt in it for a spread.

Toasted on the grill to crispy goodness.

I’m the guy that BBQ “experts” tell you not to cook like.  I like my BBQ sauce burnt and caramelized on my food

Lunch For Week XVIII

Lunch for the next week.

I had some leftover ham from a dinner a few nights ago so I thought I would put it together with rice.  I am really enjoying having rice every day.  I am making the rice with that same package of “Spicy Szechuan”  that I have used for making my chicken and it does a nice job of jazzing up the white rice.

Also, as part of my being a “Mad Scientist” in the kitchen, I used a package of “Chinese Barbecue”  to flavor the ham.

(The Mad Scientist part comes in because I did NOT follow the directions on the package!!)

Still having the yogurt and fruit for breakfast

The directions on the package called for marinating the meat and then baking.  I just mixed it up and added it to the fry pan and cooked.  I had to add a bit of cornstarch to thicken it up.  At this point, I have yet to even sample or taste what I made.  As  far as I know, this will be a disaster come lunchtime on Monday !!!

One of my favorite things about Asian food is the presentation.  In my opinion, Asians make much more of a point to add to the visual presentation of the food.  Seeing the color of this dish makes it much more appealing to me then just plain ham.

The good news is that I am down 3 pounds in two weeks.  That’s a little less than I would like, but there are still 10 weeks to go.  The above photo is one lunch.  Do you think it is still too much !!??!!