Bacon Fried Catfish Nuggets

I often stop at the grocery store on the way home after going to the gym.  I am often not looking for anything in particular, but sometimes something just jumps out at me and says “Eat Me!”

Today it was a nice package of Catfish nuggets.


I got the fry mix at work for free.  Yes it says “Chicken Fry”, but I would think that it should do well enough for my catfish.

Did you happen to see on the package of the “Chicken Fry” where it said “SPICY?”

I didn’t either.

After I dumped the mix into my bowl, I stuck my nose in the bag and gave it a good inhale.

It cleaned out my sinuses, my ears and other orifices !!!


I like to put the fish in a closed container and give it a good shake and that usually gives them all a good coating.


A nice dredge and the catfish is ready to go.

Bacon Grease

Ohhhh !!

The magic ingredient…….

Bacon grease.


Doing my frying outdoors to prevent the “greasy fish stink” inside my house.

The catfish is getting all crispy and golden brown.


I think the grease was too dirty to even try to strain and reuse, so it was disposed of.

That bacon had a good life.


All the catfish couldn’t fit in the frying pan at once, so I made two batches and used the grill as a warmer.


An excellent plate of beans, slaw and bacon fried catfish !!

Bad Ass Baked Beans and Stuffed Wings

Another Sunday dinner on the grill.

Going to make some baked beans.  I have never made baked beans from scratch, because the stuff in the can does well for a starter.  A little hot sauce to give it some zip, a little Mexican brown sugar to sweeten it up.  You can’t see it very well, but on the side of the can of beans, there is a label that says “98% Fat Free !!”, well not to worry, the bacon is there to fix that !!

Ran the brown sugar over the grater.  I probably could have just tossed the whole chunk in and let it dissolve.

Chicken legs and wings again.  I de-boned the wings again.

Jalapeno peppers and some cream cheese.

I ran a knife around the edge of the pepper and then used the corkscrew in the body.

A gentle pull and twist and most of the pepper innards come right out.  I used the kabob skewer and scraped out the rest of the inside.  Yes, this is how I clean the peppers because I don’t know any other way.

Snizzle,snizzle,snizzle !!! Only cooking up half of the bacon.

Please note the latest addition to the kitchen, the 8 inch cast iron skillet.  Very handy to use for doing smaller cooking.  Good size to make cornbread too.

When I got done stuffing the wings with the peppers, I still had about 6 wings left.  I thought that I would try to make a very simple crab meat stuffing.  Green onions, butter, stuffing, a can of crab meat and some red chile flakes.

Just melted a stick of butter and mixed it all up.  I had a few hours before cooking, so I put this in the fridge to cool down. Not sure putting something warm into the wings and then letting them sit for a few hours would be a food safety violation or not. (I’ve been sick from bad chicken and it’s not worth the risk !!)

The wife found some locally grown “Yukon Golds” at a Farmer’s market.

Chicken legs getting nice and crispy.

“Double, double toil and trouble;  Fire burn, and caldron bubble”

Mmmmm, boneless wings !!!!!

My de-boneing skills are getting much better, but I doubt that I will ever get good enough to be a prep monkey in a restaurant.  This is the fourth time that I have made the wings with the peppers in them.  I don’t think I will continue with that any more.  It’s “OK”, but not good enough to keep doing it.  I did like the crab stuffing and will look for other ideas for stuffing the wings.  Any suggestions??