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CRAP !!!! (Literally)

Wisconsin English teacher admits to repeatedly pooping in local park

A Wisconsin English teacher has admitted to defecating on a building in a public park for more than two years, a report said.

Jeffrey Churchwell, 60, who will be retiring from Milton School District in January, allegedly fessed up to littering Natureland Park with poop since 2017, leaving behind his human waste and used toilet paper, according to The Janesville Gazette.

His run came to an end on Oct. 8 — the same day a county worker met with a sheriff’s deputy over a complaint about somebody repeatedly going to the bathroom on a park building up to five days a week, sometimes several times per day, the report said.


“Up to five days a week?”

Not sure what to think about this.

Is the guy so cheap that he doesn’t want the expense of a flush at home?

Is he mentally ill?

Does he have some kind of super sick fetish?

Greatest Presidential Stunt EVER !!!!!!!!!!

No particular reason for posting this now.

I remember watching this live and thought “GREATEST PRESIDENTIAL STUNT EVER !!!!!”

This is the kind of stunt that a slimey politician like Bill Clinton could only have dreamed of, much less pull off.

Politics of the war aside, this was genuine .

I cannot imagine the groans from his protection detail when they were told this was going to happen !!




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Nest Of Sex Offenders Must Relocate…..

Offenders Must Move

19 men who are registered sex offenders living at Wayside Cross Ministries have been given roughly a month to find a new place to live. The men must leave the group home by Jan. 15 because police have ruled it is too close to nearby McCarty Park.

Per Illinois law, sex offenders are prohibited from residing within 500 feet of a playground. Previously. McCarty Park was not classified as a playground, but police say Kane County State’s Attorney’s Office ruled that the park is, in fact, a playground.

The registered sex offenders received a similar eviction notice in July, but the city appeared to stop pursuing the eviction. The issue was then addressed again by the Kane County State’s Attorney’s Office. If the men do not relocate by Jan. 15, they may be subject to prosecution.

I will agree with the court that a public park should be considered a prohibited sex offender area.

I am all for the idea that most people should be given (a chance to earn) a second chance.  However, the unfortunately, the recidivism rate for criminals is very high and the rate for sex offenders is even higher.

Living quarters are in the upper left of the below photo and the park is the lower right.



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