Rat Fuck Weasel Snitch Cries “RAAAAACISM !!!”

Kentucky cop fired for sharing officers’ information with BLM organizer

A police officer in Kentucky was fired Friday over allegations that he gave a Black Lives Matter organizer information about other officers working protests that could be used to “insult, intimidate and harass,” according to reports.

Officer Jervis Middleton of the Lexington Police Department was relieved of his duties following a unanimous vote by the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Council after a nine-hour hearing and two hours of closed deliberations, the Lexington Herald-Leader reported.

Do cops have their own version of “Code Red?”

The fired officer initially denied sharing information with BLM leader Sarah Williams, a friend, but admitted it when he was shown text messages obtained through a search warrant, city lawyer Horn said.

Middleton’s lawyers argued he shouldn’t be fired because in their view the information he shared with Williams didn’t jeopardize officers’ safety and it should be considered free speech.

However, once an officer is proven to be a liar they are useless as a witness in court.

Middleton, who is Black, also claimed he had been racially discriminated against at the department by other officers but the department had not investigated his claims, WLKY-TV of Louisville reported.

Raaaaacism !!!!!!!


Rule Five: “Happy Days…”

Sounding like Grandpa Simpson……  Something kids don’t know is that there used to be just three television channels to watch and we were limited in the shows we would see.  I was never a big fan of “Happy Days”, but I didn’t have much other choice if I wanted to watch TV.

Erin Moran (Joanie Cunningham) was my age and I always thought she was a good looking young lady.

(Click to embiggin)

WORST DAY AT WORK EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not hyperbole, WORST DAY AT WORK EVER !!!!

And I have had some doozies !!!!!

Because weak minded people jumped on the “We Support The Democrat Race Rioters” bandwagon earlier this year, our company has an “Inclusion Director”.

I had my indoctrination today and the first thing we had to do was watch the two SCREWUtube videos below.

We had several other videos to watch during the 45 minute propaganda brainwashing show.

There were about 15 people on the video call today and thank GOD I didn’t have video on me !!!

There are a lot of people I have few conversations beyond work stuff, but I couldn’t believe some of the trash these people said.

One young white lady (the major demographic at bLM riots) actually said she cries every day because of how people of color are treated everyday.

The only good news is that now I know who the idiots at work are.

I dare you to watch the below videos !!



“Is Gun Confiscation Realistic?”

I like this “gun” channel.

Always very informative.

“Is Gun Confiscation Realistic?”

5 years ago I would have never thought that the American people didn’t care that a sitting President spied on the opposition candidate, framed a General for a crime he didn’t commit, run a fake impeachment hoax, fake Russian collusion hoax and literally steal a Presidential election in plain sight.


Monday Programming Update…….

Some of you may (or may not) have noticed that there were no postings since last Tuesday’s Russian update.

Unless someone links to my blog, I get about 200 hits a day and for better or worse, they are about 90% for the “Rule Five” posts. Heh !


I have been off since last Wednesday until tomorrow, (Tuesday !!) WEEEEE !!! Mini vacation.

Now, we were supposed to go to the in-laws home for Thanksgiving, BUT !!!!!!!!  Someone my wife works with, had a family member test positive for the China Wuhan Virus !!  Now my wife does not work the same shifts as the potentially infected person so the chance my wife being infected (from that person) is as close to zero as you could get.  But, rather than chance infecting her parents, we did not go to the in-laws.

So no 4-5 days of leftovers for me.

I have gotten a few little projects done around the house, but the vast majority of my time has been sitting on the computer doing my genealogy.  The site I use most is FamilySearch.org .  It’s a free site and new data comes online periodically and this week I hit a jackpot. It looks like a large amount of English census records came online and I was actually able to find (possibly) a completely missing/unknown family member.

I’m actually amazed at how much time I can spend doing the research.  I have DNA tests with Ancestry and 23andme and that has opened up a lot of avenues to research.

That’s been my week !

Back to regular programming soon.



Good Guys Help Good Guy……………………

Actor Ricky Schroder helped get Kyle Rittenhouse out of jail


Actor Ricky Schroder and My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell both helped get Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse out of jail on a $2 million bond Friday, according to a report.

I’m still amazed that he is still even being charged.  The self defense evidence is overwhelming.

Now, I am not a professional journalist but there are a few items in the Post story that must be corrected.

Rittenhouse, of Antioch, Illinois, claims he acted in self-defense when he shot and killed protesters Anthony Huber, 26, and Joseph Rosenbaum, 36, and wounded a third man while with a militia group during protests of the police shooting of Jacob Blake.

Blake was shot seven times in the back by Kenosha cops during a domestic disturbance, sparking anti-police demonstrations.


They were rioters, not protesters.

Blake was shot reaching for a weapon after being told numerous time by the officer NOT TO REACH FOR THE WEAPON.

There, fixed it.

Expect better from the NYP

DHS Head Chad Wolf Should Get Fired…………………..

DHS boss Chad Wolf defies Trump

order to fire cyber chief Chris Krebs

Department of Homeland Security acting Secretary Chad Wolf is defying President Trump’s order to terminate election cybersecurity official Christopher Krebs, multiple sources tell The Post.

The White House on Wednesday evening instructed Wolf to fire Krebs after Krebs openly dismissed claims of voter fraud in the Nov. 3 election.

“He gave us a bunch of reasons why he didn’t want to do it and he said no,” a senior White House official told The Post about Wolf’s refusal.

“If anything, Chad is carrying Krebs’ water,” the source added.



Defy the Boss, you’d either need the best reason in the world or get ready to be canned.


Krebs, a former Microsoft executive, has since 2017 led DHS’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and recently launched a “Rumor Control” website to debunk claims of voter fraud. A CISA panel declared Thursday that the “November 3rd election was the most secure in American history,” rejecting Trump’s claims of widespread fraud.


You don’t want just “Yes Men” on the team, but when you are NOT a team player, GTFO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!