Vacation: Day 7

Today I cleaned a rock (and drank several beers which may be why I cleaned a rock)


I found a nice shaped rock and I wanted to clean it so I could see what it was going to look like and I didn’t want to wait several years for it to weather.  Turns out it’s hard to clean a millennia of clay off of a rock !!.

Vacation: Day 6

Today I shot some shit (and drank a beer)

Checking the log book, I hadn’t shot ANYTHING since the first week of February !!

Went out for a quick shoot at my brother’s range on a nice hot summer day.

I went out a few days earlier to find some 380 ammo and what I was able to find was not what I wanted.  I wanted to do a quick test and see if it was accurate for my gun (Smith & Wesson 380 EZ)

10 rounds on the left for “Winchester 95 grain full metal jacket flat nose”.  On the right, “Browning 95 grain full metal jacket flat nose”.  If you know who Paul Harrell is, you’ll know that when he lists ammo specs, it’s just a single line !!!


OK, other than I need to adjust my sights a little, it looks like both brands of ammo are consistent.  The black circles are 4″s.

I need to do this test with my hollow points that’s my carry ammo but those are about $1.00 each !! But it needs to be done.

Everyone can stand at a firing line and shoot little groups.  Let’s kick up the training a little and try shooting while advancing on your target.  I only do this once in a while but it’s good to do and it’s fun.  You can explore my yootube channel if you want to see shooting in the woods which is lots of fun and I would hope it helps with the training too !  4 rounds in the first mag and 8 in the reload.


I goofed up and shot the target with a mag from my Beretta M9 22 so there are some extra holes.  The paper size is 11X17 for perspective.  I think I will do this drill more often.

Vacation: Day 5

Today I worked my compost pile (and drank a beer)


PHEW !!!  Really late this year getting it done !!


I made a screen about 20 years ago (WOW, that long ago??) with 1/2″ by 1/2″ wire.


I got about three wheelbarrows out of last years compost.


I used it around my little oak tree and it was used all around my palatial estate as cover and it gets worked into the soil as well.


All cleaned out and ready for the new material to start again.  I use an old plastic garbage can with holes drilled in it as the pre-cooker .  A well managed compost pile really shouldn’t have too much of an odor.  But I mostly put grass clippings in the composter and I LOVE that ammonia smell !!


I let the debris that failed to go through the screen dry out in the sun on the tarp, put it back in the bucket and “chopped” it with a spade and screened it again.  This is all that was left.  Makes a big difference to make sure you don’t put things in the compost that will definitely not decompose or go through the screen.


Vacation: Day 4

Today I bought ammo (and drank a beer)

I went to three gun stores to find this ammo and it’s not really the brand I wanted, but I will test it.  The past 11 weeks I literally had no opportunity to get to a gun store.  The three stores I went to were pretty much “mom and pop” type stores that I have been to multiple times before.  I was shocked when I walked in to each one and they were PACKED !!!

I don’t know if this was the continuation of the WuWho virus panic buying or if these were new customers because of the Democrat Fascist insurrection.


Vacation: Day 3

Today I opened the mystery bag (and drank a beer)


Sometime last year, the crazy lady known as “Mom” dropped this bag off at my house (when I wasn’t home).  I hadn’t opened it until today.


I knew what was in it.  My hockey gear from 1980 that’s been sitting in a barn since 1982.  Really, really surprised that mice never got into it.  My gloves are missing because I took those where ever I went to play pick up games when/where I could.



Big Shout Out To Fiskars

Big shout out to Fiskars.

I have used Fiskars clippers for years and they are a very good product.  I had a decent pair for a couple of years and the locking mechanism broke.  I saw on another blog that Fiskars are guaranteed for life. (usage and wear is not) All I had to do was go to their website and upload a photo of the product.  They then evaluate the item.  They determined mine was covered by their warranty and sent me a replacement.


The below clippers are other noes that I have used to death and are most likely not covered !!


Roll With The Changes…………

Some 30 years ago my older brother got me hooked up playing softball with one of his “friends.”  I don’t recall as to how my brother knew him.  “Mike” was a horrible ball player and that is why he just managed the team.  I learned things about Mike slowly.  I knew that he had lost is drivers license due to a DUI.  It was later on that I also learned that he was also busted for cocaine possession on that same traffic stop.

His wife was a user before they got married and she introduced him to the cocaine.  After about two years of coking and boozing, the wife said “we need to stop this.”  To which Mike said “HELL NO !!!!”  Yep they got divorced.  Mike suspected that it was his wife’s boyfriend that dropped the dime on Mike and got him busted for the drugs and DUI.

Not having a DL did not stop Mike from doing the things that he wanted to do.  If he wanted to go out for dinner, he’d call someone and tell them he’d buy dinner if they drove.  Same with going to the movies or  even going to concerts.  Mike wanted to see REO Speedwagon and he bought tickets for me and my girlfriend.   More on the concert in a bit.  I ended up being a driver for Mike a number of times.  One night he wanted to go to the bar, so we went.  We had a drink and were there for 30 minutes before he suggested a different bar.  We went to about six bars that night.  Finally, he asked if I knew where a certain apartment complex was and I did and he said he wanted to go there.  We went and he had me drive through the parking lot 4-5 times and he appeared to be looking for something.

Figure it out yet????

Yep, I guessed that I was assisting Mike in stalking his ex wife. I made an excuse to have to go home, stopped returning his calls and never saw him again.

Back to the REO concert.

REO was about at their peak when I was in high school but I didn’t listen to them.  I mostly listened to 60’s British invasion rock and oldies along that line.  But they were played nonstop on the local top 40 radio station, WLS 890 AM Chicago so I heard the music quite a bit and have some good memories of hearing that music in the background while making out with my girlfriend in her parents basement !!!

Mike bought us all tickets to the concert and it was really enjoyable and I came to really like their music.

I have four versions of “Ride’n The Storm Out” on my playlist and I am 1 of about 15 people that actually like the studio version of that song.

Below is “Roll With The Changes”. (It’s the fake live video but at least you can watch something other than the album cover)

What hooks me with this song is (surprisingly) the drumming rhythm.

The guitar solo after the organ solo is why God made Les Paul (to make Les Paul guitars of course)


“Who Are You”

Like a billion other people, one of the activities I did in college was work on a college radio station.  It was at an out of state college and I stayed there for the summer and worked at the college bookstore in the daytime, and the radio station at night.

Not a hugely complicated task. The station “manager” had a playlist for our format but there were open times we could “wing it”.  The student manager was a bit of a jerk and a bit mad with power.  He took his responsibilities waaaaaaaay too seriously. “Every document we sign or fill out is a government document !!!!”

Well, because “Fuck” is said a few times on the album version of “Who Are You”, he literally scratched the song off of the station’s copy of the album.

HA !!

I had my own copy.  I brought it in one Thursday night and played the song around 10 pm.

He was knocking on the door by the time the second “Fuck” came on !!!

This album for me was really the last of the great Who albums.  No knock on Kenny Jones, but he ain’t no Keith Moon.  The Who was a group where the sum of the parts was far greater than the whole and without one part, there really was no whole.

Also, it was a bout this time that Pete changed his guitars.  His best work was done with the Gibson Les Paul’s, SG’s and his Gretsch.  Most of his work since has been with Fender Strat’s and Tele’s.

This was also the last Who album that had great Roger Daltry vocals. (and fabulous hair)


No, today is not my birthday.

I’m sure as heck not going to post that information on the intertubes.

Happy Birthday

My wife asked me if I wanted her to make me Oatmeal Raisin Cookies for my birthday and I said “sure.”

While she was getting the supplies out for said cookies, I suggested the we could go upstairs for my birthday present and she would not have to clean up the kitchen.











The cookies were dry.








I’ve been working overnights since the CHINA WUHAN VIRUS pandimainia began.  I’m not complaining, because I’m still working and 10,000,000 other people have it far worse than I do.  I’m mostly just frustrated with what I’m doing is a colossal waste of time and resources.   I drive around to about 25 remote locations and check that they are not on fire or being looted.  I’m doing about 125 miles a night.  The good news is that the roads are virtually empty.

I try to pack grub for the night’s driving but have had to stop at the gas station(s) and there are a few 24 hour drive thru’s open.  One of them is White Castle.

To say that I am not a fan of White Castle is a gross understatement.  The hamburger sliders they sell are most foul !!!  I do kind of like their chicken sandwich and when fresh, the fries are pretty good.

I stopped one morning about 02:30 and there were six cars in line and it was moving slow !  It took quite a while for the person in front of me to place his order.  He pulled up to the first window and I placed my order.  I pulled up behind the car waiting in front of me and sat for two minutes.  I then see the White Castle lady leaning out the far window, waving.  I flashed my lights and honked a couple of times but the guy in front didn’t move.  The White Castle lady waved for me to pull around and when I did, I could see the driver was either asleep or passed out !!  All I ordered was sack of fries so off I went.  My receipt had a buy one, get one coupon on it so I saved it and stopped in at the same place a couple of days later and got a breakfast slider and breakfast toast slider.


Not much to it. fried egg,cheese and I chose sausage for the meat on a soft bread roll.

Not too bad, the sausage was pretty good.



Not much to it, fried egg, cheese and I chose bacon for the meat on toasted white bread.

Not too bad, the bacon was cooked correctly.


The good news is that there was not any negative gastrointestinal issues after consuming.  The better news is that the receipt had another buy one,get one coupon and I might have to stop in again and try the BELGIAN WAFFLE SLIDER.


New Belt Busting Burgers At McDonald’s

McDonald’s to release smaller and bigger Big Macs


The fast-food chain will release two new versions of the iconic burger Wednesday: the Little Mac and the Double Big Mac.

The Little Mac has just one beef patty, while the Double Big Mac has four. They’ll both still be topped with cheese, lettuce, pickles, onions and Special Sauce.

The Double Big Mac comes in at 720 calories; the Little Mac is 320 calories — the same as a medium fry.

Though the burgers’ prices will vary regionally, McDonald’s is recommending a price of $2.29 for the Little Mac and $5.49 for the Double Big Mac, McDonald’s spokeswoman Morgan O’Marra said.


“Double Big” is kind of an awkward name to use when ordering, but I guess if more McDonald’s go to self serve ordering, it’s moot.

I think I would have gone with “Mini Mac”, Big Mac” and “Mega Mac”.


Meat Candy !!

Ahhhhhhh !!!

I pan fried a couple of pork chops for my lunches this week.  Put a nice sriracha rub on them with a nice, subtle flavor.

The best part of the chop is shown below in the box.

I call it “Meat Candy.”

It has all the best parts, some good fat around it and on the bone.

WOW !!!

How great would it be if you could buy a package of just those bits to cook !!


Greatest Presidential Stunt EVER !!!!!!!!!!

No particular reason for posting this now.

I remember watching this live and thought “GREATEST PRESIDENTIAL STUNT EVER !!!!!”

This is the kind of stunt that a slimey politician like Bill Clinton could only have dreamed of, much less pull off.

Politics of the war aside, this was genuine .

I cannot imagine the groans from his protection detail when they were told this was going to happen !!




Reason # 324,000,000 I Am Not Much Of Pro Sports Fan:

Ridiculous MLB Contract

Gerrit Cole is joining the New York Yankees.

He’s also joining an elite club.

The free-agent pitcher, arguably the most dominant starter in baseball, agreed to a massive nine-year $324 million deal Tuesday night to become the Yankees’ newest ace.

The contract skyrockets Cole into a stratosphere of baseball’s biggest deals.

$50 upper deck obstructed view seats

$16 beer

$10 hot dogs.

Lots and lots of reasons that I have little interest in profession sports.


Fleetwood Mac “Go Your Own Way”

Almost every song that I really,really,really like, there is a live version that kicks ass.  “Go Your Own Way” is an exception. The studio version just kicks so much ass that it’s not possible for Fleetwood Mac to do a comparable live version.

This is a live version from the 1982 “Mirage” tour.  I saw Mac on the “Mirage” tour in 1982 at Alpine Valley in Wisconsin. (Opening band, “Men at Work”)  Pretty good concert, remember it being quite chilly.

The album version is my second favorite rock song for drumming.  Mick beats it like rented mule !!!

“Go Your Own Way” is an easy song to play on the guitar.  Despite my complete lack of musical skills and ability, on a good day I can do a semi good facsimile.