John Wick 3

I finally saw “John Wick 3.”

Actually, I should say “I eventually saw John Wick 3.” If I use the word “Finally”, I think that it implies that I had wanted to see the movie at some time.
Why would I not want to see JW3?  Because I saw JW2 !!!
I think I’m being kind by saying that JW2 was a cinematic piece of crap.

“John Wick” was almost a perfect movie.
Great story
Great action
Great characters

And then they shit all over that when they went for the franchise money grab and made JW2.

Seriously, John Wick has a bullet proof suit and shoots everyone in the head, but no one else has a bullet proof suit and never shoots John Wick in the head.

Now, let’s move on to JW3.

WOW !!!

The number of times that John got the literal shit beat out of him (but still won the fight).

He looked old and tired while he was getting beat. (and yet he still beat the younger and more skilled fighters)

The best part of the original movie was that the fighting and shooting scenes were entertaining without going over the top to laughably ridiculous.

In JW3, every person John Wick fights is better, younger ,faster, healthier and yet John wins every fight.  My wife was impressed with the fight in the glass room. What a turd !!! At that point John should have been dead 30 plus times, completely crippled and yet HE WINS AGAIN !!!!!

The shooting scenes.

One tip for the director:


For crying out loud !!

The  Casablanca shootout (with the absolutely horrible Halle Berry character) went on way too long  at about 5 1/2 minutes!!

The the great “Vigo has Mayhem task a crew shootout” in John Wick, lasts about 2 1/2 minutes including substantial amounts of most excellent hand to hand combat.

At some point in JW3, all of the shooting feels like range practice.

More shooting, more action did not make JW3 a good movie nor did it make up for the ridiculous plot.

Is there a lack of opportunity for Keanu Reeves to work and do quality projects that’s he’s forced to be involved in horrible sequels? (I’m looking at you Matrix and John Wick!)

“Oddball Record Find Of The Year”

H/T  The View From Lady Lake


We’ve seen some pretty weird record albums tied in with celebrities. If you thought William Shatner’s “Transformed Man” is the gold standard of bizarro ventures by actors into the realm of 331/3 records, Cinema Retro contributor Doug Gerbino spotted this gem that seems to beg for further investigation into its origins. Whatever possessed James Mason, one of Hollywood’s most notorious cads both on screen and off, to delve into the world of Alvin and the Chipmunks, is a mystery destined to rank with debates about the origins of the pyramids. 


A New Stupid Trend Will be Starting:

Teen had hilarious ‘additional instructions’ for Amazon delivery woman


Receiving a package that you ordered can make for a joyous moment. But for one Delaware family, their smiles were turned into full-blown laughter after their Amazon delivery woman followed their particular set of delivery instructions perfectly.

Lynn Staffieri of Magnolia, Delaware, needed a new pet playpen for the kittens her family was fostering, so she ordered one on Amazon. But she failed to see the “additional instructions” that her teenage son had mischievously set as a default a couple months earlier.

In the box under the prompt that reads, “Do we need additional instructions to find this address?” 13-year-old Jacob Staffieri wrote, “No, but knock on the door 3 times and scream abra cadabra as loud as you can and run super fast away.”


This will begin a trend to see what idiot can put the dumbest instructions on the package.

The first time is funny, after that, just gets stupid and derivative.

Vacation: Day 7

Today I cleaned a rock (and drank several beers which may be why I cleaned a rock)


I found a nice shaped rock and I wanted to clean it so I could see what it was going to look like and I didn’t want to wait several years for it to weather.  Turns out it’s hard to clean a millennia of clay off of a rock !!.

Vacation: Day 6

Today I shot some shit (and drank a beer)

Checking the log book, I hadn’t shot ANYTHING since the first week of February !!

Went out for a quick shoot at my brother’s range on a nice hot summer day.

I went out a few days earlier to find some 380 ammo and what I was able to find was not what I wanted.  I wanted to do a quick test and see if it was accurate for my gun (Smith & Wesson 380 EZ)

10 rounds on the left for “Winchester 95 grain full metal jacket flat nose”.  On the right, “Browning 95 grain full metal jacket flat nose”.  If you know who Paul Harrell is, you’ll know that when he lists ammo specs, it’s just a single line !!!


OK, other than I need to adjust my sights a little, it looks like both brands of ammo are consistent.  The black circles are 4″s.

I need to do this test with my hollow points that’s my carry ammo but those are about $1.00 each !! But it needs to be done.

Everyone can stand at a firing line and shoot little groups.  Let’s kick up the training a little and try shooting while advancing on your target.  I only do this once in a while but it’s good to do and it’s fun.  You can explore my yootube channel if you want to see shooting in the woods which is lots of fun and I would hope it helps with the training too !  4 rounds in the first mag and 8 in the reload.


I goofed up and shot the target with a mag from my Beretta M9 22 so there are some extra holes.  The paper size is 11X17 for perspective.  I think I will do this drill more often.

Vacation: Day 5

Today I worked my compost pile (and drank a beer)


PHEW !!!  Really late this year getting it done !!


I made a screen about 20 years ago (WOW, that long ago??) with 1/2″ by 1/2″ wire.


I got about three wheelbarrows out of last years compost.


I used it around my little oak tree and it was used all around my palatial estate as cover and it gets worked into the soil as well.


All cleaned out and ready for the new material to start again.  I use an old plastic garbage can with holes drilled in it as the pre-cooker .  A well managed compost pile really shouldn’t have too much of an odor.  But I mostly put grass clippings in the composter and I LOVE that ammonia smell !!


I let the debris that failed to go through the screen dry out in the sun on the tarp, put it back in the bucket and “chopped” it with a spade and screened it again.  This is all that was left.  Makes a big difference to make sure you don’t put things in the compost that will definitely not decompose or go through the screen.


Vacation: Day 4

Today I bought ammo (and drank a beer)

I went to three gun stores to find this ammo and it’s not really the brand I wanted, but I will test it.  The past 11 weeks I literally had no opportunity to get to a gun store.  The three stores I went to were pretty much “mom and pop” type stores that I have been to multiple times before.  I was shocked when I walked in to each one and they were PACKED !!!

I don’t know if this was the continuation of the WuWho virus panic buying or if these were new customers because of the Democrat Fascist insurrection.


Vacation: Day 3

Today I opened the mystery bag (and drank a beer)


Sometime last year, the crazy lady known as “Mom” dropped this bag off at my house (when I wasn’t home).  I hadn’t opened it until today.


I knew what was in it.  My hockey gear from 1980 that’s been sitting in a barn since 1982.  Really, really surprised that mice never got into it.  My gloves are missing because I took those where ever I went to play pick up games when/where I could.