Shooting Pigeons Is “Unpatriotic”?

From a local 1918 newspaper:

Pigeons Needed For War Work: Don’t Shoot Them

Don’t shoot pigeons, warns Uncle Sam, It isn’t patriotic.

The birds are used on the war fronts to carry messages and the signal corps is training thousands of the Antwerp or Homing variety.

Many persons have impaired this branch of the service by shooting the birds, being innocent of that fact that they are being trained for the army.

A law was passed April 19 making it unlawful to “entrap, capture, shoot, kill, possess or detain the carrier pigeon, which is owned by the United States.  Each bird bears on its leg a metal bank marked “U.S.A”  A maximum penalty of $100 fine, or imprisonment for six months, or both, is provided under the law.

It is considered unpatriotic to shoot pigeons of any kind as the person indulging in this pastime cannot differentiate between the ordinary and the homing pigeons.


When I was a kid, I unknowingly shot a banded pigeon.



A “New” Holster………

A short time ago, I purchased a second holster, this one from “We The People Holsters”.  They are advertisers on the Dan Bongino show and I thought I would give them a try.

I have had my “Alien Gear” holster for about three years and it is mostly good.

“Alien Gear” of the left, “We The People” on the right

Both of these holsters are inside the waistband and right-handed, but worn on my left. It’s on my left mostly because on my right side, it hits the seatbelt buckle in my car when I drive.

I have liked the Alien Gear but there is a problem when I kneel down (I kneel because I can’t bend !!), sometimes the back unhooks from my belt and rides up and is loose !!!  Now, It may just be because I wear a crappy walmartium belt.  Yes, as Phil suggests, we should pay the money and get a great belt that last a long time instead of replacing them with cheap crap every few years.

The WTP holster clips on very well.  A bad thing is that I was not able to get a holster for my S&W 380 EZ, so I got the S&W Compact 9mm which is very, very close to size/shape etc of the 380. BUT !!!!!!!!!!!!  There is a tendency for the holster to hit the mag release button and the mag pops out.  Some people look at you funny in the grocery store when that happens !!  This holster is very good on the shorts I usually wear when I do my yard work and I wear it at my 6 o’clock.

This holster is all hard plastic and the top of it really digs into my side.

The Alien Gear Holster has two clips.  You can see in the photo that the clips pivot and move and don’t always clip on very tight.

The best part is the Kydex that is much softer than the hard plastic and really does not bother my side like the hard plastic holster.

I think my best bet is to get a much better belt.

I would also like to be able to have the gun be lower so the grip is just about belt level.


Rumble Test

Testing out my new Rumble account:


It’s a free speech alternative to ScrewYouTube.

I will be deleting my F-youbook account in the near future and will probably moving my videos off of ScrewYouTube.

Just test posting a dash cam video.

So far, not really too impressed with the Ruble features but will have to see how that gets with more usage.

In the future, I will do my best not to click on any video links to ScrewYouTube.

 Watch the semi and van in front of me. The semi clearly goes through the intersection after the green arrow ends and the van follows ! Then watch for the jackwagon that comes from BEHIND me.

As we see though, KARMA does arrive in that the van cut off an unmarked police vehicle.
Don’t be a douchebag driver !!!!