Todays Second Amendment Educational Challenge……..

During German class in college, a classmate read a passage from a text that included the “Danube River.”

Instead of correctly pronouncing it as “dan-yoob”, he said “da-new-be.”

Herr Himmler corrected the student and the student replied, “I guess I’m just dumb.”

Herr Himmler replied, “You are not dumb, but you are ignorant and that is something you can change.”

That’s always stuck with me.

Now, ignorance is the only unlimited matter in the universe and there is flat out almost limitless ignorance about the Second Amendment and guns.


The below post is a perfect example of that:

The United States And Guns ‹ Views and Observations ‹ Reader —

When the Constitution was created in the 18th century, it was a different time. There were no smartphones, communication was slow, the standing army was tiny, and many people lived in small rural communities or farms that were isolated and far away from help if something occurred. If you lived on a small farm in the 1700s, you couldn’t jump in the car and go to the grocery store. Small farmers frequently had to be much more self-reliant growing a significant amount of their own food and sometimes hunting for meat. Also if a criminal came to the farm, they couldn’t call 911. In many ways, they were on their own because it could take hours or longer to alert the authorities and get help. Something else to consider is that the muskets of the 18th century were much slower to reload and much less accurate than weapons today. Someone with significant practice could get off maybe three shots in a minute, give or take. In real world circumstances, it was likely often less than three a minute. And finally, the United States of the 18th century and early 19th centuries relied heavily on militias for defense because the standing army was tiny.
In other words, the Second Amendment was written in another time when the circumstances were vastly different than today

Your assignment today is to visit that site and correct the ignorant soul.

BUT !!!

Please be nice and respectful.