Greatest Presidential Stunt EVER !!!!!!!!!!

No particular reason for posting this now.

I remember watching this live and thought “GREATEST PRESIDENTIAL STUNT EVER !!!!!”

This is the kind of stunt that a slimey politician like Bill Clinton could only have dreamed of, much less pull off.

Politics of the war aside, this was genuine .

I cannot imagine the groans from his protection detail when they were told this was going to happen !!




The Hillderbeast Has a New Look: But Did they Work On Her Cankles?


Empress Pantsuit Von BitchQueen had plastic surgery


BLEH !!!!

That work makes her look worse.

Should have started with her cankles first.



Reason # 324,000,000 I Am Not Much Of Pro Sports Fan:

Ridiculous MLB Contract

Gerrit Cole is joining the New York Yankees.

He’s also joining an elite club.

The free-agent pitcher, arguably the most dominant starter in baseball, agreed to a massive nine-year $324 million deal Tuesday night to become the Yankees’ newest ace.

The contract skyrockets Cole into a stratosphere of baseball’s biggest deals.

$50 upper deck obstructed view seats

$16 beer

$10 hot dogs.

Lots and lots of reasons that I have little interest in profession sports.


Fleetwood Mac “Go Your Own Way”

Almost every song that I really,really,really like, there is a live version that kicks ass.  “Go Your Own Way” is an exception. The studio version just kicks so much ass that it’s not possible for Fleetwood Mac to do a comparable live version.

This is a live version from the 1982 “Mirage” tour.  I saw Mac on the “Mirage” tour in 1982 at Alpine Valley in Wisconsin. (Opening band, “Men at Work”)  Pretty good concert, remember it being quite chilly.

The album version is my second favorite rock song for drumming.  Mick beats it like rented mule !!!

“Go Your Own Way” is an easy song to play on the guitar.  Despite my complete lack of musical skills and ability, on a good day I can do a semi good facsimile.