Schadenfreude Boner…………………….

Super Bowl Ratings CRASH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The ratings for Super Bowl 55 are in, and the news is not good. The numbers show that viewership fell nine percent, making the game the lowest-rated Super Bowl in more than 50 years.

I genuinely sympathize and empathize with the little guys that work in and around the NFL business that are adversely affected by the moronic policies made by the idiots in charge.

But for the NFL asswipes in charge,  Schadenfreude Boner  !!!!!!!!

Who Is Murdering Whom? And How?

Who Is Murdering Whom? And How?

From The Other McCain:

If all you know about crime is what you get from CNN and Democrat politicians, you might suppose that the typical murder in America is committed by a right-wing white male with an AR-15 rifle. But the facts are otherwise, as for example this recent crime in New York:

A deranged vagrant wielding a lethal length of metal pipe savagely beat four sleeping homeless men to death early Saturday as they hunkered down for the night on the streets of Chinatown, police said.
A fifth homeless man was critically injured, suffering a serious head wound, before police nabbed Randy Rodriguez Santos, 24, as he walked near Canal St. with the murder weapon resting on his shoulder, cops said. One of the victims was a man in his 80s, and the youngest was in his early 50s, cops said.
Santos, who was also homeless, was charged with four counts of murder and one count of attempted murder in connection with the 1:45 a.m. bloodbath. The suspect was arrested this past May for threatening a man inside a Brooklyn homeless shelter, but he walked when the victim refused to press charges, law enforcement sources told the Daily News. . . .
Police said Santos has a rap sheet with a half-dozen prior arrests in the last two years, including the attempted assault with a weapon just five months ago in Brooklyn. According to sources, Santos had a history of fighting and arguing with other homeless people.

‘Inappropriate Behavior’: Elizabeth Warren Fires Organizing Director

‘Inappropriate Behavior’: Elizabeth Warren Fires Organizing Director

From The Other McCain:

The details are sketchy so far:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-MA) campaign on Friday fired its national organizing director Rich McDaniel amid accusations of “inappropriate behavior.”
Warren campaign spokesperson Kristen Orthman released a statement on Friday, confirming that the campaign had been receiving “multiple complaints regarding inappropriate behavior by Rich McDaniel.”
“Over the past two weeks, senior campaign leadership received multiple complaints regarding inappropriate behavior by Rich McDaniel,” Orthman told Politico.
“Over the same time period, the campaign retained outside counsel to conduct an investigation,” she continued.
“Based on the results of the investigation, the campaign determined that his reported conduct was inconsistent with its values and that he could not be a part of the campaign moving forward,” Orthman added. . . .
Details of the accusations remain unclear, but Politico reported that the allegations did not involve sexual assault, according to a source.

‘The Patron Saint of Incels’

‘The Patron Saint of Incels’

From The Other McCain:

The new Warner Brothers/DC film Joker is having an impressive opening weekend at the box office, and there’s talk of an Oscar for Joaquin Phoenix, but critics generally hate the movie for its portrayal of Batman’s nemesis as a misunderstood victim of society. Personally, I am troubled by the subject matter and theme of the film. One thing I recognized long ago is that disturbed personalities have a tendency to cheer for the monster in horror movies. To such people, Freddie Krueger is a hero and role model. So doing the “backstory” on a villain like the Joker, humanizing him and showing him to be a product of an unhappy background, is inherently dangerous. Bad people with a chip on their shoulders are apt to identify with such a figure, and thus to see the Joker’s crimes as revenge on an unjust society.

Three Headlines

Three Headlines

From The Other McCain:

All from Red State:

If New Paul Sperry Report About Whistleblower
Is True, It’s A Game Changer

News Breaks That The Whistle-Blower Worked
For A Current 2020 Democrat Presidential Candidate

Amazing Coincidence That Nancy Pelosi’s Son
Also Has Business Connections With Ukraine

Each of these headlines is significant in making an important point: Democrats are trying to impeach President Trump for allegedly doing the same stuff Democrats always do. Conflicts of interest and using federal power for partisan political purposes? Suddenly Democrats say that’s wrong? As if Obama didn’t do it for eight years?

Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge

Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge

From The Other McCain (By Smitty)

We crossed the ridge as the sky brooded and looked down on the Umgeheuer encampment.

This was the hard part. I beamed instructions to my drone rider, and he dismounted, unaware of his pending demise. We’d clone him again.
As sun set, the drone crawled in low to where their noisy power generators throbbed and poured pollutants skyward.
Past the generators was a large fuel bladder. The enemy was cocky about their camp layout.
The explosives in the drone’s stomach took full advantage of this.
* * *
“Excellent work, Xanthippus,” said General Benton, the drone’s DNA source, upon my return to base.

via Darleen

Hey, @LiamHemsworth: Name Something You Should Never Stick in Crazy

Hey, @LiamHemsworth: Name Something You Should Never Stick in Crazy

From The Other McCain:

There is a proverbial saying among men about avoiding crazy women, so why did Liam Hemsworth ever get involved with Miley Cyrus? In August, when the “Wrecking Ball” singer publicly humiliated Hemsworth by engaging in a lesbian affair with Brody Jenner’s ex-girlfriend Kaitlynn Carter, Hemsworth declared he “wish[ed] her nothing but health and happiness” and an “insider” was quoted saying, “Miley and Liam love each other and always will.” What does “love” mean in such a context? If Miley loved her husband, would she have made such a fool of him? And why would Liam “always” love a woman who had disgraced him?

Well, after her fling with Kaitlynn Carter ended, Miley was reportedly “begging” Hemsworth to take her back, but he’s filed for divorce and returned to his native Australia, and his family is reportedly trying to keep Hemsworth away from the toxic bisexual bimbo: