Rule Five: 50’s Flashback (NSFW)

I knew that “Bettie Page” had been a  famous model in the 1950’s, but didn’t really know much about her.  A few years ago I saw a movie called “The Notorious Bettie Page.”  It was an interesting story but I rarely trust movies to be completely factual and accurate.

So, I did a DuckDuckGo search and read about 12 different biographies about her including one from her official website.  All of the bios had a very similar central story and facts, but it seemed like each one had a fact or two that the others did not.

For most of the 1950’s, she worked with photographer Irving Klaw and did a lot of S&M, Bondage work including many short films.  Ms. Page also was the centerfold in Playboy 1955.

Nearing the end of the 1950’s, Ms. Page became a born again Christian and stopped modeling.







“The Search For An Effective Police Handgun”

“The Search For An Effective Police Handgun”

by Allen P. Bristow 1973

I recently found the above book in our library at work and took it home to read.

A very interesting read because it was written in 1973 and we already know the history since the book was written.

From the 1930’s to 1960’s the standard police weapon was the .38 Special.

“During 1959, Police Science students at Los Angeles State College began collecting case studies of peace officers shot in the line of duty.  To date over 110 cases have been collected which describe in detail the shooting of more that 150 officers”

For the sake of brevity, just one case:

Officer “A” and Officer “B” approached two suspects in a parked car.  The suspects were removed from the car for investigation.  One suspect drew a 9 mm automatic from a hidden holster and commanded the officers to throw up their hands, which they did.  Both officers attempted to reason with the suspect, and failing to do this, they leaped at the suspect in an attempt to disarm him.  The suspect fired once, fatally wounding Officer “B” through the chest.  Officer “A” grasped the suspect’s pistol in one hand and held it down while drawing his own service revolver with his free hand.  Officer “A” then fired five .38 S&W Special rounds at contact distance into the chest area of the struggling suspect.  The suspect fell to the ground still clutching the 9 mm pistol.  Officer “A” turned to assist Officer “B.”  The suspect attempted to regain his feet and point his pistol at Officer “A”.  Officer “A” dropped his empty service revolver and lunged for the revolver on the belt of “Officer “B.”  With this weapon he shot the suspect through the head, killing him instantly.  Autopsy revealed that none of the five .38 S&W Special shots fired into the suspects body exited.  Several ribs were broken, both lungs penetrated, and there was extensive internal bleeding.  Note that although the wounds were serious, the shocking effect was not sufficient to prevent the suspect from regaining his feet and attempting to shoot the second officer.

The above case is very similar to most of the cases that were in the book in that a suspect could have multiple hits, including to the chest, and continue to stay in the fight and that the suspect was finally killed with a head shot.

The author then goes on about the history of the .38 Special and it’s known deficiencies.  It was a military sidearm that was demonstrated to not being effective during the Philippine operations 1899-1900.  From that, the American military quickly replaced the .38 Long Colt with the .45.

During the 1930’s, the .357 magnum was developed and the .44 magnum in the 1950’s for specifically man-stopping power.  However, there was far more recoil from the larger calibers and there was concern about over penetration and greater range and civilian safety.

It’s hard to believe, but police departments held themselves to the standard of the Geneva Convention with regards to using more effective ammunition (please, no pedantic arguments over this point).  It was known for sometime (the 1890’s and Dum Dum bullets) that other than ball type ammo was very,very effective for stopping a man.  When police departments decided to start using hollow points and jacketed ammunition, there was a lot of opposition from citizen groups where as today, we take it for granted that anyone and everyone uses hollow points to deliberately do maximum damage.

But it really wasn’t until the mid 1960’s that a better service round was produced.  Super Vel   110 grained jacketed hollow point vs the 158 grained round nosed.  It had more velocity and less recoil and did far more damage.  That was the first major step up in police weaponry in almost 30 years !

The next step up was around 1963 when the .41 magnum was introduced.  Bigger than the .357, smaller than the .44, it was thought to be the wave of the future.  Some departments jumped on this revolver quickly but while it had less recoil than the .44 magnum, it had more recoil than the .38 Special.

Next came the .45:

On February 2, 1966, the El Monte Police Department in El Monte, California, broke American law enforcement tradition dating back to the early 1900’s by adopting the Colt .45 cal. automatic as its service weapon, displacing as inadequate the .38 Special revolver.

The .45 cal ACP with the 230 grain jacketed round has about 1000 ft lbs of muzzle energy and only about 800 ft/sec muzzle velocity.  This made it a good choice for hard hitting, but less chance for over penetration.

This is about where the author ends, except noting that the Illinois State Police was the first department to adopt the 9 mm S & W Model 39 for its official weapon.

The history and evolution of this is very interesting. Almost everyone and almost every police department has 9 mm and some people may just take it for granted that it’s always been that way !








Rule Five: “Concert Time”

I have never really been much of a concert goer in my life and I do remember my very first concert.

Summer of 1980 my redheaded girlfriend’s mother worked at a hospital that was involved in promoting a concert and we were given tickets for the concert.

I think it was eight of us that piled into a classic 1970’s behemoth station wagon and made the trip to Poplar Creek to see: Bob Hope and Barbara Eden.

Yep.  Bob Hope and Barbara Eden.

I was getting to spend time with my girlfriend and I couldn’t have cared less as to who the performers were !!!  We were definitely the youngest group of people there.  It was actually a very nice concert.  Barbara Eden sang and she had a pretty good voice and of course, Bob Hope told jokes.  Bob Hope was quite the dirty old man on stage !!!! Not at all like his Christmas specials on TV.

Enjoy some  photos of a pretty lady.


Stare at the checkered pattern too long and you will get dizzy.


Such a pretty young lady and some capital cleavage !!!


I had to select this photo just for the nippleage


It would appear that Miss Eden managed to avoid doing any nude work in her career.  This is the most erotic photo I could find.  Since I couldn’t find any similar photos to this one, I suspect this may be a fake.  What do you think??

Rule Five: Redheads

One day during the final week of eighth grade, there was an announcement: “Any eight-grader wishing to sign up for high school choir will be dismissed from last period to do so. That is all.”

The guy sitting next to me poked me.

“I don’t want to join choir.”

“No, we get out of 7th period, sign up and the goof off the rest of the time.  Just drop the class during summer before we get our schedules.”


Hey, not a bad idea. I never missed a chance to goof off and quite frankly was very impressed at how quickly this guy could come up with a “plan.”  I don’t remember which federal penitentiary he’s in now.

Well, flash forward to the week before high school starts and I get my schedule.  CRAP !!! I didn’t drop the class!!

Well, first day of school I make a beeline to the Vice Principal’s office and I tell him that I don’t want this class.  He said “Fine”, and handed me a form and said, “Have the choir director sign this and we’ll get you another 1st period class.”


So off I bounded with my get out of jail free card up the stairs to the choir room and when I entered: The room was full of high school WOMEN, not Jr. high girls, WOMEN!!!!

Holy Crap !!! Even with the accelerating loss of blood to my brain I was able to do the quick math and figured the chick to dude ratio was about 8 to 1. WOW!!!

I crumpled up my transfer sheet, tossed it in the garbage and took my place on the riser.



As an uber insecure, painfully extreme introvert, choir was heaven for me!!  It forced be to be around WOMEN and to interact wit them and I had a lot of opportunities that I otherwise would not have had if I wasn’t in choir.  It was my sophomore year in choir that I met my first girlfriend.  If I hadn’t been in choir and if she hadn’t been so forward, I probably wouldn’t have had a girlfriend for many more years!


My first girlfriend was a redhead and that was something that has had a lasting affect on me.

I both thank her and curse her.

WOW !! It Lasted That Long !

#GetWokeGoBroke: Australian Feminist Coffee Shop Goes Out of Business


In August 2017, a female-owned coffee shop in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, made headlines by announcing an unusual policy:

The owners of Victorian cafe, Handsome Her, have found themselves at the centre of a polarising debate after its introduction of an 18 per cent “gender surcharge” for its male customers.
The vegan cafe in Melbourne’s inner north suburb of Brunswick, which labels itself as a cafe “by women, for women” stipulates three anti-patriarchal “house rules,” including priority seating for women, a premium charge for males and respect for both genders.
“House Rules, Rule #1: women have priority seating. Rule #2: men will be charged an 18% premium to reflect the gender pay gap (2016) which is donated to a women’s service. Rule #3 respect goes both ways,” the chalkboard reads in the cafe.
While Handsome Her’s main goal is to help give back to women’s charities, according to Broadsheet Melbourne who spoke to owner Alexandra O’Brien, it also hopes that the initiative that runs for one week every month will help spark conversations about the gender pay gap


Well, running a successful small business is difficult.  Here in America 50 % fail in the first year and 95 % fail within five years so it’s not shocking that this one failed within two years.  But you are going to make it extra difficult when you alienate 47 % of your potential customers by announcing you don’t like them and you are going to charge them more for no valid reason.

The pay gap.  It’s a lie.

The idea that a man and a women doing the same job, at the same place, with the same education and the same abilities and the woman would be payed less is a flat out lie.

The “pay gap” is based on lifetime earnings and since more women take years off to raise children, then it’s obvious way women have less lifetime earnings.

Rule 5: “Can You See The Real Me?”

I had enough credits to graduate high school after the fall semester of my senior year.  I had always taken extra classes every semester.  I had zero intention of graduating early, that would have done nothing for me other than having to get a job !!  I wasn’t lazy, but I knew school was a lot easier than work !


So, for the spring semester I had choir, computer science and a math class.  I think I was done every day about 11:40 am.  One of the things I did to fill the time was to take a computer science class at a local junior college.  1 pm-3:30 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


I would go home and make a quick sandwich for the drive to class and there was an FM radio station that would “track” an album every day at noon.  I would throw in a 90 minute cassette tape to record it and then listen to it when I got home later.  The station was a “classic rock” station and they played a lot of cool music that I would have never otherwise hear. Two albums stuck out.  One was “The Best of Jethro Tull” 1976.  WOW !!! What a great band, what great musicians !!


But, the one album that was played was literally an epiphany for me.

1973 “Quadrophenia” by The Who.


Blew me away!!  I think the first song I heard was “The Real Me.”

The drumming, the bass line, the never ending crescendos of guitars and the ripping vocals !

Man I was hooked !!


Up until that time I mostly listened to the “oldies” station on the radio (late 50’s, early 60’s)  and didn’t really follow popular music of the day (1980).  I was also a huge Beatlemaniac.  I had all of their albums and knew every song forward and backwards.

Like I said, this was a musical epiphany for me and I have been a life long Who fan ever since. “Genius” is thrown around way too much in the world, but the Quadrophenia album showed Pete Townshend was a musical genius.



Rule 5 : Maria Conchita Alonso (NSFW)

We dropped cable/dish services back around 2012.

Really don’t miss it much. Signed up for Netflix and it fills the need for watching TV along with checking out DVDs at the local library. Quite frankly, the family should do less “sitting around watching TV activity.”

So, I also just signed up for Hulu to add a little more variety to the programming.

One of the first movies that popped up and that I watched was “The Running Man.”

A decent 80’s schlock movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

But better yet, co-starring Maria Conchita Alonso !!!!




Oh what a pretty lady !!




Reminds me a bit of The Knack’s  “My Sharona”  album cover.




It would appear that Maria did a shoot for Mexican Playboy and I suspect this was from that.




Probably from the Mexican Playboy shoot as well.

Really glad she did not have a boob job !!

Literally the only lingerie photo I could find.




There’s a double standard with people accepting aging people, for men it is seen as being “distinguished” and it’s less accepted for aging women.  I personally don’t mind many aging women.  Maria is a couple of years older than I am and I think that she has aged well.  Yes, I know there is some makeup involved but I still think she looks HOT !!




Because I promised something NSFW !

I learned a few things while putting this post together.

  1.     There are a fair number of Maria’s photos on sites devoted to “Feet”.
  2.     Maria does not have a problem going out in public bra-less.
  3.      Despite an very large film bibliography and acting career,  I had a hard time               finding a lot of quality photos.