American Democrats have become the dumbest people that this planet has ever had.

99% of everything they believe, doesn’t pass the simplest of logic or reasoning.

Let’s just for a moment, indulge the Democrat’s nonstop orgasm fantasy and stipulate that in fact:

Trump planned, arranged, coordinated, funded, orchestrated, financed instigated, incited etc an actual coup to overthrow the United States government.

Would half witted morons in Congress be doing the investigation or prosecution instead of something like the DOJ????

American Democrats are that stupid that they can’t even think or ask that to themselves.



Fuck Joe Biden gas is $5.89 here.

Fuck Biden and everyone that voted for him and still supports him.

Fuck them all.


MONKEY POX !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m really hoping that the same schmucks that fell for the China Wuhan Virus fraud (Covidiots) don’t fall for the possible upcoming 2022 Midterm Election Democrat Fraud MONKEY POX plan.

Here is a really, really, really good sub stack from Dr. Malone with his information about MONKEY POX.


Monkey Pox

Truth versus Fearporn

Make you sure read this to be armed against the fear porn idiots.