Changes have been made to my schedule, some good, some bad, but it still sucks a lot.

BUT !!!

I am not complaining.  I have a job and am working unlike 25,000,000 people because of moronic decisions made by imbeciles.

I actually had a real day off and I had my brother come over to do a little plumbing work for me and it was a great day to grill out.  My dad came along as well.  He’s 80 years old and this “stay at home” crap is killing him !!  Most of his life revolves hanging around with the guys for coffee half the day and he usually eats all of his dinners out !!  So with no open restaurants and no coffee club, not a whole heck of a lot for the old guy to do.

End of April so I think I was mostly on schedule for hard cleaning the grill.  Once a season I take the grill apart and give it the full job.


Lots of greasy bits in there !!!

It was a good opportunity to make some kick ass beans too.

No secret recipe or anything like that.  Couple of cans of good baked beans, Tabasco to taste and some kind of pork.  I had bought a bag of bacon jerky for snacking on my overnight drives but I completely forgot to eat it so into the pot it goes.


This gets cooked for about 4 hours on the stove top on the lowest heat until it is as thick as wallpaper paste.


My grill outside has a side burner, but I cannot set the heat low enough to cook this outside.

MEATS !!!!!!!!!!!!

Doing the plumbing and cooking out was on short notice and I told my brother I had pork chops to cook and that I would also pick up some steaks.  He told me that he would bring the steak and some venison.


Pork chops, venison and a big sirloin steak.  Now, I’m not much of a fan of store bought sirloin but this was not from the store and it was great !!!!

The venison was fantastic.  This was the back strap.  A friend gave this to my brother so he didn’t make the decisions on the butchering, but we both would have liked to have had the pieces cut thicker.

Good Eats At Rocco Vino’s

Way back in January, before we managed to hit “PEAK STUPID” every day with the China Wuhan Virus , we had an “out of towner” that we had to entertain for a few days and the good  best part of that was we got to expense a pretty good dinner.

Rocco Vino’s

There were six off us and we ordered three appetizers:

Bruschetta, Calamari, Toasted Ravioli.

All very good !!


For my main course, it was a coin toss between the Linguine & Clams or the Zuppa.

I went with the Zuppa.

Zuppa di Pesce….$26
“Scallops, calamari, shrimp, octopus, mussels &
clams with linguine in a tomato herb sauce”


Man, that was really good !!!

When I ordered it, the waitress asked if I wanted it with “red sauce or white sauce” and as soon as she finished saying that she said, “Honey, nobody orders the white sauce.”

Hmmmm, I really thought about the white sauce, which would have been interesting if it were an Alfredo, but not sure if I would want it if it were a white wine sauce.  So I got the red.

I had a dish very similar to the above before.  Similar but not the same:

Acquaviva Winery

I remember the Zupp di Mare was really good but it was so long ago that I wouldn’t be able to say which dinner was better.

Using search engines on the intertubes, I can’t find any difference between Zuppa di Mare and Zuppa di Pesce.  It might just be a personal or regional difference.


I’ve been working overnights since the CHINA WUHAN VIRUS pandimainia began.  I’m not complaining, because I’m still working and 10,000,000 other people have it far worse than I do.  I’m mostly just frustrated with what I’m doing is a colossal waste of time and resources.   I drive around to about 25 remote locations and check that they are not on fire or being looted.  I’m doing about 125 miles a night.  The good news is that the roads are virtually empty.

I try to pack grub for the night’s driving but have had to stop at the gas station(s) and there are a few 24 hour drive thru’s open.  One of them is White Castle.

To say that I am not a fan of White Castle is a gross understatement.  The hamburger sliders they sell are most foul !!!  I do kind of like their chicken sandwich and when fresh, the fries are pretty good.

I stopped one morning about 02:30 and there were six cars in line and it was moving slow !  It took quite a while for the person in front of me to place his order.  He pulled up to the first window and I placed my order.  I pulled up behind the car waiting in front of me and sat for two minutes.  I then see the White Castle lady leaning out the far window, waving.  I flashed my lights and honked a couple of times but the guy in front didn’t move.  The White Castle lady waved for me to pull around and when I did, I could see the driver was either asleep or passed out !!  All I ordered was sack of fries so off I went.  My receipt had a buy one, get one coupon on it so I saved it and stopped in at the same place a couple of days later and got a breakfast slider and breakfast toast slider.


Not much to it. fried egg,cheese and I chose sausage for the meat on a soft bread roll.

Not too bad, the sausage was pretty good.



Not much to it, fried egg, cheese and I chose bacon for the meat on toasted white bread.

Not too bad, the bacon was cooked correctly.


The good news is that there was not any negative gastrointestinal issues after consuming.  The better news is that the receipt had another buy one,get one coupon and I might have to stop in again and try the BELGIAN WAFFLE SLIDER.


New Belt Busting Burgers At McDonald’s

McDonald’s to release smaller and bigger Big Macs


The fast-food chain will release two new versions of the iconic burger Wednesday: the Little Mac and the Double Big Mac.

The Little Mac has just one beef patty, while the Double Big Mac has four. They’ll both still be topped with cheese, lettuce, pickles, onions and Special Sauce.

The Double Big Mac comes in at 720 calories; the Little Mac is 320 calories — the same as a medium fry.

Though the burgers’ prices will vary regionally, McDonald’s is recommending a price of $2.29 for the Little Mac and $5.49 for the Double Big Mac, McDonald’s spokeswoman Morgan O’Marra said.


“Double Big” is kind of an awkward name to use when ordering, but I guess if more McDonald’s go to self serve ordering, it’s moot.

I think I would have gone with “Mini Mac”, Big Mac” and “Mega Mac”.


Meat Candy !!

Ahhhhhhh !!!

I pan fried a couple of pork chops for my lunches this week.  Put a nice sriracha rub on them with a nice, subtle flavor.

The best part of the chop is shown below in the box.

I call it “Meat Candy.”

It has all the best parts, some good fat around it and on the bone.

WOW !!!

How great would it be if you could buy a package of just those bits to cook !!


Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

On my way one evening to a candidates debate and I needed to find a place for dinner.

A “Popeyes” was on my side of the street so I thought I would give it a go.  I do not think That I had ever eaten at a “Popeyes” before.  I like fried chicken sandwiches and have heard a few things in the news in the last six months about some kind of super good spicy chicken sandwich at Popeyes.

Well, I checked the men and it was a coin toss as to get the spicy chicken or the regular chicken and I went with the regular combo.

Popeyes Chicken

A pretty good sandwich.

A good crunchy fried coating.

What I didn’t like was that the sandwich came in a foil package that steams the bun.

Don’t like that at all.  The bun should be toasted.

Pretty good seasoned fries as a side and a lot of them !!

I will probably find my way back and give that spicy sandwich.




Beyond Meat (Free Stuff At Work Day)

Free Stuff at Work Day !!


We had a sponsored luncheon put on by :

Beyond Meat:

Overall , completely Meh !

For both the sausage and the burger, it was a texture issue.  Both items are like pate, completely smooth and ground up.  There needs to be a slight toughness, snap and resistance when eating a sausage or burger.

The only thing I could taste from the burger was fake charbroil.

The burger meat might be OK if ground up in chili, spaghetti or tacos.

I got some free coupons for the burgers but certainly won’t go out of my way to get them.

Beyond Burger

Pee Green Soup

The old 5th grade joke:

Person 1 “Say ‘pea green soup’ after everything I say.”

Person 2 “OK”

Person 1  “What are you going to have for breakfast?”

Person 2 “Pea green soup.”

Person 1  “What are you going to have for lunch?”

Person 2 “Pea green soup.”

Person 1  “What are you going to have for supper?”

Person 2 “Pea green soup.”

Person 1  “What are you going to do in bed tonight?”

Person 2 “Pea green soup.”

But seriously, Split Pea Soup is one of my favorite go to comfort foods to take for lunch at work.


A quick rinse in the sink to get the dirt off.


I can use many, many different kinds of pork for the soup and today about 3/4 pound of bacon gets fried up.  I leave a few teaspoons of the drippin’s in the pot and remove the bacon.


I start with beef stock.  Why use beef stock? Because I can’t find pork stock.

About 4 big shots of Tabasco for a little heat.  Sometimes toss in a few red pepper flakes or even some fresh ground black pepper.  Don’t need too much as far as seasonings go.  The pork adds enough salt and the split pea taste is what I am going for.


About 2 1/2 hours on low and it’s ready to get creamed.


Run it through a strainer to get the bits of hulls and small rocks.


That’s all the “stuff” you don’t want to eat.


Four cups of LUNCH !!!!

If you look at the black square and see the spillage, that’s actually pretty darn good for me !! Usually there’s a much bigger mess.


Toss the bacon back into each container, and four great lunches for the week.