Democrats Celebrate Major Victory………

Unless you live in a Unabomber shack in the woods (not necessarily a bad thing), you will know that the media and the Democrats (redundancy noted) were as always, behaving in a reprehensible and irresponsible manner.  Telling a sensational story without any facts.

Proven by their actions and their words everyday, we know that Democrats lie about everything and we should doubt almost everything they say.

So we were correct in doubting the story of the 10 year old rape victim.

Democrats are now celebrating and taking a victory lap because a 10 year old was raped by an illegal alien and had an abortion……..


Let that sink in……………

While the rest of us are coming up with different ways of pounding 1/2 inch rebar through the rapists head.

F#@K The 4th……….

“We have nothing in common with these people.”

I’ve been saying that since the end of NObama’s first term and since then, everyday it becomes more obvious and clear.

They HATE us.

They HATE America.

This is the modern Democrat Fascist party in America.

I used to separate the politicians and the leadership from the people that just voted for them, but no more.

They now know who they support and what they stand for.

“Disney Employee”* Of The Week…………………

Pennsylvania principal charged with 30 counts of sexual contact with a student (



The principal, Roger Weaver Freed of Williamsport Area High School, began a relationship with a middle school boy in 2015 that continued until the child was in college. Officials say the student told investigators he approached Freed after noticing how other students confided in him and, after leaning on him for emotional support, stated that he trusted Freed “like an older brother,” according to Fox 56.

*  Hence forth, Creeps, Perverts, Sexual Deviants, Pedophiles etc, will be referred to as “Disney Workers”