The Simpsons Tapped Out

As if the world needs another TSTO blog !!!

But, here is another one.

The 2017 Treehouse of Horror event kicked off on 10/03/2017 (WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE   41 days of yet another event !!!)

No, I am not excited about this event.



What was once a very fun time wasting game to play has become just a tedious, nonstop grind.

So let’s get started on this years “Halloween” event.

I am going to already call this the worst Halloween event ever !  Why?  Because it has nothing to do with Halloween.  The Halloween event used to be one of my favorites.


Something good:


In the last event, it was a pain to try to find all of the lawyers that were around the town.  The “Zapper” makes it real easy to wipe out all the trolls and makes quick work.

The bad:


In the most recent event, you could fast forward the four hours task with 24 minutes left.  That was HUGE for me !!  I suspected that the free fast forward was a mistake but was hoping it would be i this event:


CRUD !!  They fixed it.

These are the building that we get on day one/two:


Yuck, so far I doubt I will keep any of these out after the event !!!

I’m not a “purist” when it comes to the game, but I really want more items connected to the show.

That’s all for now, 40 more days to go, so plenty more to come.

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