2022 Thanksgiving Dinner……

Last year, both my wife and me were sick over Thanksgiving with “severe upper respiratory infections” and did not eat Thanksgiving dinner until 3-4 days later.  I had purchased a 6 pound prime rib (usual local sale of $5.99 lb) and it was awesome !!

This year we were NOT sick and got to host the in-laws.  As much as there is far more work to host, I would much rather host than go to the in-laws.

I had $35.00 of loyalty coupons to use at the grocery store and I bought a 9.3 lb prime rib.  I definitely planned on having several days of leftovers.  Because of the coupons, my out of pocket for dinner was maybe $65.00.

There’s the meat beauty !!

I let the meat sit out four three hours to come up to room temperature.

I took its temperature and it was only 49 degrees. Because it was so large, I should have put it out an hour more.

Not very complicated.  Just some grey salt and fresh ground pepper.  I want my meat, meat flavored.

The directions said 12-15 minutes a pound for medium rare.  I based my cook time on 13 minutes a pound.

I took the temperature and I left it in for another 30 minutes.  That’s how it should look on the outside !


The internal temperature was  lower than it should have been and the area closest to the bones were slightly underdone (for others.  I’d eat that SOB tartare) so I cut that off and did not serve it.  I will use that for the leftovers.

Yes, I did let it rest 20 minutes.

I don’t make my world famous mashed potatoes very often anymore.

5 lbs of russets, 2 sticks of butter, black pepper, two cloves garlic and heavy cream as needed.

Mash by hand and finish with the hand blender.  Homemade mashed potatoes MUST have some lumps in them.  Not huge ones, but enough to make you know they were homemade.

The wife make an excellent cranberry nut bread that was great.

Dinner went very well.

It’s Sunday afternoon and I am down to the last of the mashed potatoes and will be eating the rib section of the prime rib today.


9 comments on “2022 Thanksgiving Dinner……

  1. Oh man, that is beautiful…

  2. joe says:

    WE are not related, that I know of, but I’d be happy to be a “relative-for-a-day” at next year’s dinner. Everything looked delicious!

  3. Jim Marotta says:

    Please write the cranberry nut bread recipe. Looks yummo! Thanks.

  4. Brass says:

    I came across this method a few years back and now my family makes me serve it every Christmas and Easter. It always comes out perfect no matter the size if you follow the directions to a T.

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