30 Minute Vacation Project……

On vacation a short time ago and did a little project.

I was cleaning about in the garage, and there was a table and two chairs that I had picked up on the curb some many years ago.  I had started to strip the chairs and table and wanted to put a nice coat of paint on it.  It was a fairly nice table that had been damaged previously and some less than professional repairs had been done.

I decided to cut bait and forget finishing that project so I took the table apart and with the leaves it had, would make some good project wood.

Also took the chairs apart as they had a nice back on them and I originally thought I would use those in the garden to hold up tomatoes or pepper plants next year.

But the idea hit me to make a bench out of the parts and there we go…….




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  1. No One says:

    That works well, entry hall or bathroom seating.

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