Democrats Vandalize Church………

Northwest suburban church moves forward, but seeks answers for hateful vandalism

A northwest suburban church is looking for answers after hate speech and symbols were spraypainted on church property.

Nativity Lutheran Church Pastor Susie Hill said the mixture of messages included racial slurs, a swastika, and more painted on the sign in front of the church and alongside the building itself.

“We as a congregation have gone through the questions of why? Who? Why us?” Hill said.

Photo: Christine Szamlewski Stanbery

Photo: Christine Szamlewski Stanbery

Sigh, you’d think that even Scooby Doo And Shaggy could figure this out by themselves.

“I Love GOP”

“Tax The Rich”


“Peace Sign”

“Nigger Love” (blurred out)


But I suspect that along with the “Pipe Bomber” from Jan 5-6, this too will be too obvious for anyone to solve…..


2 comments on “Democrats Vandalize Church………

  1. Steve says:

    This is the ELCA Synod. Evangelical Lutheran Church of America. This synod is the very, very far left of Lutheran synods. This group espouses anything and everything “WOKE”.
    They are inclusive, agree with homosexual practices, and have female pastors. They are not in agreement with any other Lutheran synods.
    I bet a dollar, this vandalism was perpetrated by one of their own.

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