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  1. See you on the watch list…It’s a small, but elite group..

  2. Madam DeFarge says:

    fbi and doj are nothing but criminal mafia style organizations, with the fbi run by the most communist and treasonous POS ever.

  3. Fred Horn says:

    Excellent article. Well written, and to the point.


    Venezuerican non-leftoxenomorphs, what we usually call the “Right”, American Patriots, the MAGA people, sit on our hands and mumble-mumble our disapproval and then we go and vote like expecting it to mean something.

    The demonrat leftoxenomorphs count the votes and . . . strange, isn’t it . . . we show up lacking most of the time.

    Never mind they are a handful of pervert degenerates and we make the vast majority of the people worth something.

    We show up lacking most of the time.

    They bring in van loads of boxes of “fresh votes”, all for the current demonrat leftoxenomorph.

    They make the rules. We let them.

    They count the votes. We let them.

    They do fraud. We let them.

    They laugh in our faces. We let them.

    They elect judges and DAs. We let them.

    We protest. The demonrat leftoxenomorph judges and DAs say “mmmhh . . . aaaahhhhh . . . let’s see, here . . . nope . . . it’s OK . . . everything is fine . . .”

    And we let them.

    We elect RINOs and AINOs to congress. They betray us. We keep voting for them. Forever. They keep betraying us. Forever.

    And we let them.

    The demonrat leftoxenomorphs infect the whole educational system.

    We let them.

    We send our kids for them to “educate”

    They turn our kids to excrement and brainwash them into leftoxenomorphism.

    We let them.

    And one day we are “terrorists” and a “threat” and blah, blah, blah in the eyes of a putrid cadre of leftoxenomorph usurping, illegitimately and by fraud basically the three branches of government and there are no more checks and balances and no more decency and it’s all a gleichschaltung collectivist system of tyranny and there’s nobody to appeal to.

    We are in the hands of our enemies.

    And we let them.

    The leftoxenomorphs gave us a war.
    They gave us a war for the last hundred years or so.
    We didn’t even show up.
    Not a shot fired back in anger at them.
    Not a shot.
    Every step in their ratcheting game we saw it and ignored it.
    They bided their time and kept gnawing at America.
    Like termites.
    One bite at a time.
    The Long March Through The Institutions.
    Now finished.
    The Deep State. Fully operational. All leftoxenomorph.
    The Swamp. Immensely corrupt. Stealing by the billions. By the trillions. The “Republican” RINOs and AINOs all bought and playing possum, part of the corruption.
    The leftoxenomorphs won.
    How could they not?
    A swarm of army ants will kill and eat an elephant if the elephant just sits still and immobile.
    We did. Still and immobile. They gnawed and gnawed.
    And now the late Constitutional Republic the United States of America (July 4th, 1776 – November 3rd, 2020) is no more.
    Don’t talk to me about elections.
    They plan on going on stealing them forever.
    They know we are not up to challenge them.
    If we were, why 2020? They know.
    It’s their game. They make the rules. We are the retard kid that can’t play because he doesn’t understand the rules.
    They own the whole of government and about 95% of everything in any way organized in Venezuerica.
    All that’s left for them is conducting mopping up operations and then get rid of us.

    How are we any different from the 1930s and 40s european Jews?

    Why would we expect to end any different than the 1930s and 40s european Jews?

    Those in government are clearly nazis.

    They clearly hate us and want us dead.

    We sit on our hands and do nothing.

    It’s only a matter of time.

    It’s only a matter of time until they hand us a stone and tell us it’s “soap” and that we are “going to take a bath”

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