A Fun “Cooking” Quiz To Take……

Are You a Home on the Range Chef?

Sample Question:

2.  You are served a bowl of vanilla/bacon ice cream.  You:

     a.  jump up and shout “Bacon Ice Cream!  It’s a crime against nature!” and look            for plain yogurt.
     b.  mutter nervously, prod it with your spoon and ask “is that BACON?”
     c.  wonder if this would make a better ice cream sandwich with Devils Food or              molasses cookies.


The last question (but for no points):

Have you ever made a foot long hot dog with two regular dogs and a long piece of bacon to wrap it with?

Yeah, kind of………..

“Serves One”……


4 comments on “A Fun “Cooking” Quiz To Take……

  1. Midwest Chick says:

    B made bacon wrapped hot dogs covered with chili and cheese last night. Fantastic!

  2. Mark Reardon says:

    Needs pepper and onions

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