F#@K The 4th……….

“We have nothing in common with these people.”

I’ve been saying that since the end of NObama’s first term and since then, everyday it becomes more obvious and clear.

They HATE us.

They HATE America.

This is the modern Democrat Fascist party in America.

I used to separate the politicians and the leadership from the people that just voted for them, but no more.

They now know who they support and what they stand for.


5 comments on “F#@K The 4th……….

  1. MaddMedic says:

    Saw that. Disgusting traitors….

  2. I would guess they are getting a paid day off as well…if they even have a job, that is. I don’t hear them complaining about THAT.

  3. Midwest Chick says:

    No hiding it anymore. They are emboldened and it brought them out of the shadows.

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