Sunday Linkage


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The Feral Irishman Why Grandpas are better…
Bustednuckles Weekly Grocery Run, $330. OPEN THREAD
Woodsterman Have A Wonderful Funday Morning
Whores & Ale Two for Tuesday – Cosplay Edition
357 Magnum I’m Not Much for Conspiracy Theories…
The Intrepid Reporter So Many Projects So Little Time
Watts Up With That The Revenge of The Fossil Fuels
Freedom Is Just Another Word… Sunday Memes ……
The Daley Gator Sunday Morning DaleyBabe
A Trainwreck In Maxwell Your Rule Five Monday puzzle

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  1. Midwest Chick says:

    Great links!

  2. […] again to Pirate’s Cove, Whores and Ale, Bacon Time and the immortal The Other McCain for the Rule Five […]

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