“The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee”…..

The Queen


Parts of the English speaking world has been celebrating Queen Elizabeth’s 70th anniversary of her acquiring the throne “ruling” over the British Empire.

Being of Scottish descent and having my ancestors literally put in the hold of a ship and sent to America as indentured servants in the name of the Crown, I don’t celebrate British royalty.

I do however understand the parts of the former Empire that do admire, respect and celebrate their royalty.  I have always liked Queen Elizabeth.    She has always seemed to understand her role and was always dignified.

I’ve always thought that she wanted to outlive her half witted grossly inbred douchebag son, Charlie, so that he wouldn’t be an embarrassment on the throne.

I have to wonder if Elizabeth would have stepped down years ago if Chuckles wasn’t a half witted grossly inbred douchebag and was still married to Diana.