2022 Compost…..

Memorial Day weekend seems to be the usual time when time and weather align for me to get the compost pile cleaned up.

All my life I’ve been a “burning daylight” kind of guy.  If I wasn’t outside working by 8:30 -9:00 am , I’d feel like I’d wasted my day.

Not so much now.

Didn’t get outside until after 10:30.

I knocked the pile down the day before and raked it around to get it to dry out.  Wet is no good !!

Same set up as usual, I made that sifter close to 25 years ago and it’s starting to show a little wear.  Every year I had to either add a few more staples of tap the old staples down.

Maybe an 90 minutes of work.  I don’t work too fast any more.

The pile on the tarp will get reprocessed.

All done.

I got one wheelbarrow full and three five gallon buckets.

My wife asked, “Is that all we get from our yard?”

“That’s all I want to do !!”

I used to mulch and shred everything in the yard but that’s way more work than I want to do.


Pretty much cleaned up.  There is still a little bit of wet stuff that I will rake down.

A comparison from fall of 2019.  My neighbor had a garage built that summer and had a whole bunch of 2×6’s about 40 inches long that worked well for making a neater area for the composting.

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  1. That is a very nice composting pit.

  2. Matthew W says:

    Mostly just cost me my time. Fun little project.

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