The Bureaucratic Value of Vague, Imprecise Language………………………..

Firearms law firm issues warning to gun owners of forced-reset triggers 

A law firm that specializes in helping people protect their Second Amendment rights issued a warning to gun owners that could save them from receiving a knock on the door from the federal government

Kirk Evans, the president of U.S. LawShield, discussed with the Washington Examiner how the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives said forced-reset triggers could qualify some firearms as machine guns.

Evans suggested that gun owners should get in contact with a lawyer if they think their gun trigger falls under the ATF’s definition of a forced-reset trigger.


Evans said it is possible for gun owners to swap out their forced-reset trigger for a different one, but the ATF would still consider the part as a machine gun since it can be “readily assembled.” He clarified he does not agree with this logic, but ditching the forced-reset trigger could work as a means to avoid trouble with the ATF.

Anyone that follows the ATF, knows that they are the best at “interpreting” language on a whim.

“Basically, the ATF just said, ‘Uh, we got our rules, we looked at these things, and boom, some of them might be illegal and we’re not going to tell which ones,'” Evans said.

Yep, there it is !!!!!