6 comments on “Yes, Democrats Are Just Creepy As F**K Part II ………

  1. Cederq says:

    Had that gone down when my kids were that age and I found out about it. I would still be in prison because I would have opened up and shot every teacher and admin staff and then had a special hell for the principal for allowing that.

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  3. Bear Claw Chris Lapp says:

    That shit cannot come to a lethal, brutal stop soon enough but it will come.

  4. Old Enough To Know Better says:

    Geeesus H. Some fourth graders think they’re a cat…at least today. Next week they may think they are a horse. Just wait until their hormones start raging and the boys that think girls are icky when in 4th grade, will be trying to peak up their dress in 7th grade. Girls that think boys are “gross” in 4th grade will be giggling to their friends in 7th grade when some studly (and even geeky) 7th grade boy smiles at them.

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