A Stupid Thing To Say About Guns…….

Concealed gun carry laws gain momentum in states (msn.com)

Known as “permitless carry” or “constitutional carry” legislation, the bills have been roundly criticized by police and gun control advocates, who argue that removing permits poses a safety risk to citizens and officers. Proponents, meanwhile, claim that the permitting process is too onerous and that the laws ensure Second Amendment rights.


Currently, there are at least 21 “permit less” carry states with Alabama becoming the 22nd.

About six other states are considering passing “permit less” carry.

Ohio is one of the states considering such:

In Ohio, Hamilton County Sheriff Charmaine McGuffey was one of more than 80 opponents to testify in December before a state Senate public safety committee against SB 215, which allows people 21 and older who are legally allowed to own a gun to conceal it without a permit. It also removes a requirement to tell officers about the firearm unless they ask.

“To allow people to carry concealed with no background check, no documentation of who they are and no training is dangerous,” McGuffey told ABC News. “I am not against the Second Amendment — the right to bear arms. What I’m asking people to do is consider that there must be some failsafe placed into the system.”

To get a concealed carry permit in Ohio requires a fee of at least $67, a background check and eight hours of training that covers safety features and public safety. The training is especially key, McGuffey said.

“I have 900 officers,” she said. “Our deputies are well-vetted for their backgrounds, their personalities, their integrity, their ability to follow rules and follow the law, and I would not hand one of them a gun with no training.”

Background checks are another important piece, McGuffey said. In 2021, Ohio issued 202,920 new or renewal concealed carry permits, denied 2,668 applicants who failed to meet state requirements and revoked another 420 licenses “for causes including felony convictions and mental incompetence,” according to a state attorney general’s report. McGuffey said she signed 93 revocations last year for people who were convicted of menacing, domestic violence, assault and other violent actions.

It is simply embarrassing that any leader of a police department would say something as stupid as comparing civilians to law enforcement.  LEO’s get psych profiles because of the large amount of power they are given in their duties, civilians don’t have those powers and responsibilities.

I will be quite frank that when I took my 16 hour class for my CCW, it was mostly worthless except for having the CCW laws of my state explained and clarified.  The rest was worthless.  I am certainly not any kind of expert or master of guns, but I would consider myself to be at least “fair” with the amount of knowledge and experience.  LEO’s get extensive training because everyday at anytime they could be involved in a situation that might involve the use of a weapon.  Not so for civilians.

As far as “background checks”, there’s one done every time a person legally buys a gun from an FFL.  If you can legally own a gun, why can’t you carry it where ever you want to??



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  1. Frank Cannamela says:

    Exactly, when purchasing a new weapon everyone goes thru a background check. The 2nd amendment guarantees us the right to own a gun. It doesn’t say anything about paying the government or asking permission.

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