I Don’t Stand With Ukraine…………………….

Being an adult in the room asking  questions about an obviously contrived media/political narrative does not make anyone a “Putin Stooge.”

Every time there is a Republican President, we are NOT the world’s policeman, so the first question to ask is………………”What’s our interest ???”  Every single day there are travesties committed by foul people and we (the Democrat Industrial Media Complex) ignores it.

What’s our interest there?


I trust him about as much as I trust Hillary Clinton.

Zelensky is putting on a great show and and act, but it ‘s all stagecrafted bullshit.

I don’t trust a single thing from:

Russian propaganda

Ukrainian propaganda

Biden propaganda

American Media propaganda

They are all liars.

The people involved:






All of them are balls deep there.

Anyone think that the First Fake Impeachment involved Ukraine is a coincidence ?????

NOPE !!!!!!

A photo of an elite Ukrainian  Special Ops team……

A rare photo of Putin tuning his “Sturge-O-Phone” before a performance: