Fuck Joe Biden Gas Now $4.19…………………..

Those that voted for the mashed potato brained moron, fuck you.

Those that still support him, fuck you.

The people that laughed, giggled and celebrated as an election was publicly and openly stolen, fuck you

The people you vote for and support DON’T CARE !!!!!!!!  Fuck you

The people you vote for and support AREN’T GOING TO HELP !!!!! Fuck you

You so hate everything good that you are willing to destroy it so no one can have it, fuck you




3 comments on “Fuck Joe Biden Gas Now $4.19…………………..

  1. Gatordoug says:

    Paid $4.05 today The more I looked at the $4.05, the more I saw FJB

  2. Himself says:

    Fuck me…I though $3.69 would be outrageous, enough to bitch and go to the mattresses over.

    And it’s not the price, per se, it’s how fast it got there. In my case, that shit went up $.60 in a week.

    I have a term for the fools that are “running” things – Joey Potato and the Bozo Explosion. And it is a bozo explosion. FFS, I’ve seen this over and over again. Fck, I’m nearly 60, I’ve seen these nobs screw my life at least 4 times now. Hell, I could have retired in five years. That shit is shot now. Like any Gen-X, I knew I’d be screwed. And Why not? Been screwed sideways every time. Still blows when it happens.

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