Joe Rogan & Spotify……………………..

I don’t know who Joe Rogan is, I don’t know his views or what he stands for or believes.  I know he recently had a huge interview with Dr. Malone that exploded the heads of the CoVidiots.

I know that a few years ago he signed a very large deal with Spotify and instantly some Spotify employees wanted he off or they’d quit (or some kerfuffle like that).  Since Rogan is still on Spotify, I’m going to presume Spotify did not fire Rogan.

I don’t use Spotify.

Just from reading some headlines on the intertubes, it would appear that Spotify has removed and or have/will be adding some sort of “misinformation” warnings on Rogan’s podcasts.  It also appears that Rogan has made some sort of apology and or kowtowed to the woke mafia for past and future free speech misdeeds.

It’s just me, but I will not go out of my way to listen to Rogan if he has decided to kowtow to the woke mafia and if Spotify needs to put warnings on “misinformation”, I will never be using their product.

2 comments on “Joe Rogan & Spotify……………………..

  1. ckc2000 says:

    I never used Spotify until Led Zeppelin put their stuff on then I realized that it’s music I have already paid for. Vinyl sounds better anyway.

  2. dirkdoodoo says:

    Honestly, I love Spotify. I listen to it pretty much every day. If I hear something I like from an artist I have never heard of before, it lets me go check out the rest of their music. Almost every album from my heyday (the 1960’s and 1970’s) is on there. I recently got into bluegrass, and there is tons of great bluegrass on Spotify. I know I get my $10 a month out of it.

    However, if they had folded on the Rogan thing, I would have been gone like that (picture me snapping my fingers). I’ve never listened to Rogan either. I’m just not into podcasts. But if the “woke Gestapo” went after him, I am 100% behind him. As the old saying goes, the enemy of my enemy is my friend!!!

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