New Laptop !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went ahead and pulled the trigger and ordered the new laptop.

A gentleman at work asked about the new laptop and I told him I hadn’t set it up yet.  I told him as I’ve gotten older, new laptops and phones and the such don’t excite me very much any more as it has turned into a royal pain in the ass to set up new devices. (unless you like factory settings).

^#(@** !  !)@@&     !(#_+#@

That’s the best description so far of the new laptop set up.

#1     When starting up the laptop for the first time, it wouldn’t let me progress without logging in with an MSN account !!!   Well #*&#^@ you MSN !!!

So, I shut it down and went to the old laptop to make an MSN account.  Of course if I’m going to set up an MSN account, it’s all going to be fake information (^%@$!# you MSN/Bill Gates et al).

I went into my ATT account to set up a new sub account with a new email address to set up the MSN account.  Either ATT wouldn’t let me, or all variations of “FUCK JOE BIDEN” weren’t available.

Crap, so I decided to just use my current throw away address to set up the MSN account.  Turns out I already had one that I set up many years ago.

Good news is that when I restarted the new laptop, it went to a “Create A Login For This Laptop” screen !!!!

YEA !!!!!!!!!!!!

Things were looking up !!!!!!!!!!!

Wait for it………………………………….

#2     The first thing I wanted to do was download the Brave web browser.  Very strange that when I clicked on “Download”, a pop up on the MSN default Edge browser popped up and said “You already have a browser, are you REALLY,REALLY,REALLY sure you want to do this????”

So I downloaded Brave and when I tried to install it, another popup came up and said “THIS APP IS NOT VERIFIED BY MSN AND YOU CANNOT INSTALL IT !!!!!!!”

Same thing when I tried to install ExpressVPN.

In “S Mode” on Win 10, you can only get apps through MSN.

^%#$@ YOU to infinity !!!!!!!

Why does that sound like “monopoly”??????

So, I either have to turn off “S Mode” (which it seems you can never turn back on) or figure a way around the MSN cluster fucking.

The only good news is at least I have an operational laptop to keep using until I figure this out.

EXCEPT !!!!!!!!

I did make the decision to “upgrade” from Win 8 to Win 8.1.

Other than reloading a boatload of useless crap on the old laptop, something changed that won’t allow me to connect the HDMI to my 23 inch HD TV monitor !!!






8 comments on “New Laptop !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. MaddMedic says:

    Hmmm.Interesting. Had no difficulty with our new laptop and Win 10. But I have old Hotmail acct which worked. Brave installed with no difficulties. OpenOffice yep. There some weird scrap your running into. Did you buy it from a “woke” company?

  2. K Polenz says:

    I had it with the WIN10 on the new computer so I went with Linux Mint.
    You can either do it all the way, or sub partition your drive so you can have both.

    Mint is almost like windoze, with a kinda steep learning curve for pics and other little stuff.
    If you have a Geek, they can install it and give you pointers.

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