More Stash Stuff……………..

Made a run to the hardware store to get more supplies for the apocalypse  (The Brandon Administration) bunker.


I have several really nice flashlights staged around the house for the “Dark Times”. We have had a few power outages in the past 5-6 years all because of the same %@$!# tree a few properties down the way.  Knock on wood they were always in the summer time so freezing wasn’t a problem and they have removed (FINALLY) the offending tree.

3 medium sized flashlights and 2 headlamps.

The “Husky” flashlights a re fine product, but there are other Energizer lights would have rather had. BUT !!!  The other Energizer lights had (a) uncommon batteries or (b) other than AAA batteries.  I want to have all of the lights using the same batteries.

I don’t buy very many batteries anymore and I was surprised to see that the package of Energizer batteries are good for 10 years. Yeah for that.

I did open each item and test them.  All work.

I asked the question previously about opening the prepackaged supplies.  I did open them and I am glad I did.

1)   Make sure that there really is product in the container.  Would hate to go into the apocalypse zone and find out I have a dozen tubs of someone’s old socks.

2)  Make sure the product is in usable condition.

Of the three tubs I opened, I found 3 items that were damaged.  Two of them had small cuts and one of them had a bad seal/seam on the top.

Now, the company that I purchased the tubs from were willing to give me a refund for the damaged product, but they wanted me to send the entire tub and contents back so they could replace the entire tub !!!  WHAT THE WHAT WHAT ?????

Besides the gross inconvenience, there would be no guarantee that they would have a replacement to send me.

So, I contacted the manufacturer, “Readywise” and they will be sending three replacements to me.

That means sometime soon, I will be sampling the three damaged products for a taste test.





3 comments on “More Stash Stuff……………..

  1. The batteries will not last 10 years, waiting to be used. They will likely begin leaking acid after 5 years or so. I had a huge hassle with Energizer and Duracell a couple years ago trying to get credit for several unopened packages of alkaline batteries…talk about having to jump through hoops. They ended up sending me a couple of $20 coupons.
    The less expensive batteries (other than Duracell and Energizer) are frequently just as long lasting as the big names.
    One cannot have too many flashlights…like knives…and ammo…and mags..

    • Matthew W says:

      I agree that 10 year shelf life is unrealistic. I will try to rotate them out at maybe the 5 year mark. Like I said, I don’t buy batteries too often and I’m really surprised at how many items I used to have that did have batteries.

      • I have tried going as far as vacuum sealing the batteries…no help. If they’re gonna leak, they will leak. But yeah, they should go 5 years without incident, and still be ‘fresh’.

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