CRAP !!!!! Now I’m Looking For A Laptop……………….

I have had my Win 8 laptop for almost 9 years.


It’s been a fine computer and has done every thing I need.

But support ended for Win 8 and I purchased my first software that is not Win 8 supported !!

I have always resisted the free update to Win 8.1 just because I don’t like updates.


It’s cheaper at a few other places, $399-$410.

It’s got a lot of what I want/need.

8 Gig Ram (old 4 Gig)

4.1 Ghz processor (old 1.7)

256 Gig storage.  This will be the first computer I have had with SSD.

Storage is not an issue as I keep most data on several externals.

3 USB ports   Would really like more

Screen size is moot since this will be plugged into a “docking station”.

$400 bucks is in the budget if I cut a few other future purchases.  I hear brakes are only a suggestion.


I love new computers because I like tweaking them, I also like the idea of a “clean” computer.

What I don’t like, is having to reinstall all of my software and setting all of my online accounts.


3 comments on “CRAP !!!!! Now I’m Looking For A Laptop……………….

  1. K Polenz says:

    My laptop WIN 7 is till chugging along fine.
    I had to get a new tower because the hard drive was getting clunky.
    After trying to work with WIN 10- I went whole hawg into Linux Mint on the new desktop.

    • Matthew W says:

      Win 10 ain’t too bad, but it’s no XP !!!!

    • Matthew W says:

      My wife had a Win 7 laptop and for a couple of years, it was really clunky. There was nothing I could do to make it better. I ended up getting her a Chromebook.
      I striped as much as I could from the Win 7 almost to factory settings and it runs like brand new now.
      I have no idea what was there that was clogging it up.

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