COMPUTER HELP NEEDED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any ideas on how to install Turbo Tax 2021 on Win 8???????

8 comments on “COMPUTER HELP NEEDED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Matthew W says:

      I have to pay my taxes !!!

      • MaddMedic says:

        I used Turbo Tax for years. Decided to use a Tax Firm a few years ago. Found out Turbo Tax had not been working so well and we had to refile a couple of years worth. Got money back that I had paid in previously.

        • Matthew W says:

          My taxes are pretty simple. I could just do them by hand, but I like being able to have the PDF copies, electronic filing, doing “what if” changes, etc. Turbo has been becoming kind of a bloatware product though too.

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