Starting The “Stash”…..

I have been trying to get ready for any type of event that may result in my inability to get food from outside my home.  Anywhere between a zombie apocalypse to a severe weather event .


I think I can plan on between 2000-2500 calories per day.

A decent storage tote for the canned goods.

Easy enough to toss in the car if I need to go mobile.

That’s about a week of food for one person

I looked into a few commercially available products for long term food.

Patriot Supply

90 day supply for $897 with 2000 calories a day.



90 day supply for $597 with 1505 calories a day.


Both of these kits come with items such as “chocolate/vanilla pudding, banana chips, orange drink, tropical drink”  I suppose some people would need those kinds of items but I don’t want to pay a premium for those types of foods.

There would certainly be some advantage to having the pre packed food for just space saving and longevity.

Mine works out to just under $10.00 a day.  That’s actually kind of depressing.  I do 3/4 of the grocery shopping and I know what food costs are.

Breaking it down some:

Patriot Supply:     4.98 cents per 1000 calories

4Patriots:     4.45 cents per 1000 calories

Me:     3.90 cents per 1000 calories.

So, I guess I’m in the ball park for food. ( I did not add tax/shipping to the other products which would make those cost per 1K a little higher.)


I can add considerable savings by storing pasta and rice.  The above plastic containers should do well with oxygen absorbers in them.

There are an unlimited amount of food shortage situations that could happen, best case would be for me to be able to be home and use everything in the cupboards first.  With this supply, I will have to be aware in the future (1.5-2 years) to cycle these supplies out and rotate fresh in.

Also need to add water storage as well.


I started this post months ago and have since added more.

I have enough supplies for:

19 days for 1 person

10 days for 2 people

6  days for 3 people


10 comments on “Starting The “Stash”…..

  1. Almost all the long term storage foods are sadly high on carbs and very low on protein.

  2. Kurt Polenz says:

    You could look at E-bay MRE’s.
    But having had both the C-rats and MRE’s- I’d much rather have the ‘rats.

    If you’re lucky enough to have a Buckee’s anywhere close, you can do wonders for your stash there.Jerky and sausages with fruit and even YES! Beaver nuggets (puffed corn) in a frigging lot of flavors plus dried fruit for probably less than the targeted supplies.

  3. Looks like you are on the right track…you will need fresh water for all those dehydrated goods…nice!

  4. Zendo Deb says:

    COSTCO has those kits with the stuff you don’t want, and they also has some individual cans. Well you often need to buy multiples (and their stock is low) but they have stuff like just dehydrated chicken. Just eggs.

    Also I am told (by people I trust to know) that rice will last a good long time if you keep the bugs and mice away from it. Or you can buy the parboiled rice with the 25 year shelf life. Similar shelf life on some beans.

    I can’t buy those 30-day, 90-day, six-month kits because of dietary restrictions, but I can buy some of the individual items. Chicken. Eggs. Etc.

    • Matthew W says:

      I just ordered some of the packaged 25 year supply including a bucket of eggs. My brother has a vacuum sealing machine and I am going to look into doing rice and pasta.

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