New Coffee Machine……………………

I quit drink coffee months ago just to see if it helped me sleep at night.  Nope, it didn’t. But I did  stop drinking coffee except for weekends at home.

Instead of coffee in the morning, I’ve been having a “Rockstar”.  I can often find those on sale for about $1 and I back the truck up and load up on them.

The Rockstar is much gentler on my stomach than the coffee is so that’s a good trade off.

However, the supply of cheap Rockstar’s has been depleted and I stopped at  Speedway to get a cup of coffee today and they had a new coffee maker:

They used to have a big setup with 10-15 pots of brewed coffee that you were never quite sure of how old they were and now they have an instant brew machine.

I’m sure they did it because of the China Wuhan Virus, but it must be a great labor saver and it makes a really good cup of coffee.


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  1. MaddMedic says:

    You. Gave. Up. Coffee?? I found iced coffee is a bit easier on the stomach. And I like it!! But I still have my two mugs every morning of fresh brewed. I am intolerable until I have them..

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