Small Ammo Score………………

Shoot Point Blank had a coupon in the mail last week: “Buy 2 boxes, Get 1 Free”, so I went to see what was in stock.

It may have been a month ago that I was last in and the pickings were rather slim then, but on this day, they had what I was looking for.

They had 4 different brands of 380 that I was looking for.

2 boxes plus 1 free for $69.75 and that’s about .46 a round.  Higher than it should be, but for today, it’s a great deal.

After my purchase, I wandered about the store and saw this display on the floor:

I called my brother and he said he wanted two boxes.

$215 for 500 rounds, .43 a round, again, much higher than it should be but today it’s a good deal.