Chicago Public Schools Closed: “Vaccination Awareness Day”……..

With little notice, Chicago to cancel school for first-ever ‘Vaccination Awareness Day’


With a week’s notice, Chicago Public Schools said in a Thursday night email that it will cancel school Friday, Nov. 12 for a “Vaccination Awareness Day.”

The announcement comes two days after federal health officials gave emergency authorization for the Pfizer vaccine for use among children ages 5 to 11. The extra day off will make next week a three-day school week for students, since Veterans Day is already a district holiday.

In an email to parents Thursday, the district’s CEO, Pedro Martinez, wrote that next Friday is an “opportunity for parents and guardians to take their children five years of age and older to get vaccinated at their pediatrician’s office, at a healthcare provider, or at a CPS school-based site or community vaccination event.”

CPS and the Teacher’s Unions hate your kids.

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  1. […] Honestly, who was NOT aware tat there re now vaccines for kids? And, if the city really wanted to give parents a chance to get their kids vaccinated, why not make an announcement a bit more ahead of time? Oh, wait, it is Chicago…………………… […]

  2. senecagriggs says:

    Chances of an unvaccinated child under twelve dying from Covid = Zero

    Chances of a vaccinated child under twelve dying from Covid = Zero

    Why are we vaxxing children under twelve? Politics?

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