Stop Worrying About Overpenetration…….

Well, that’s something no one has ever said to me……………..


Stop Worrying About Overpenetration


I’ve written in the past about some ballistic testing I observed at one of the past Rangemaster Tactical Conferences I attended. The bottom line of the article was that one shouldn’t depend on expansion from short barreled pocket pistols.

That article generated all kinds of emails and questions on Facebook. Most questions centered around the issue of handgun gelatin penetration. Almost all of the rounds we tested penetrated a full 16″ of gelatin. Folks were asking me why a bullet would need to penetrate 16″ when the heart and other vital organs are only a few inches deep in the chest cavity.

The reason is that penetration in gelatin is not the same as penetration in human flesh and bone.

Gun owners are like a lot of society in general.  There are plenty of us that don’t know everything or even know something.

Concerning using gelatin as a ballistic test, it’s not meant to be a direct substitute for a human body, it’s meant to be a consistent medium.  Too many people either don’t know that or don’t understand that.  Fair enough.

Read the rest of the article.

They euthanized several pigs and shot them with various ammo and the results are quite interesting.

5 comments on “Stop Worrying About Overpenetration…….

  1. Zendo Deb says:

    “They euthanized several pigs and shot them with various ammo and the results are quite interesting.”

    I hope the “results” included pulled pork

  2. MaddMedic says:

    A hole is a hole and red stuff leaks out … Not good for you. Most have no understanding of what a bullet, of any caliber, does once it punches through … I believe it was a small caliber round that damn near killed Reagan..

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