The # 1 Reason I Dumped Netflix……..

Kaepernick Alleges ‘We Can’t Speak Our Truth’ In New Netflix Series


On Monday, Netflix released a trailer for the Colin Kaepernick series that begins Oct. 29. As of this morning, more than two-thirds of the YouTube reactions were thumbs down. In a glimpse of the upcoming series, the trailer for Colin in Black & White features Kaepernick whining about others determining “our” path and preventing “us” from speaking our truth.


That worthless piece of shit isn’t worthy of a “life’s story”.

There were a lot reasons to dump Netflix (Obama’s getting rich, child porn, bias towards left wing agenda) but I wasn’t going to pay a single dime to pay that loser.

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  2. Bob says:

    I had Netflix from the first time I got a DVD add in the mail box forever ago. My subscription ran out the day the obama’s were hired. When I didn’t renew they wanted to know why, I won’t repeat what I told them.

  3. Black Lives Matter says:


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