Alvin Motley

Security guard at Kroger gas station charged with killing man is former police officer


According to police, Motley was at the Kroger gas station at Poplar and Kirby Parkway Saturday night when he and Livingston argued over loud music coming from Motley’s car.

According to a police affidavit, Motley got out of his car and told Livingston, “Let’s talk like men.”

Police say security cameras recorded Motley holding a can of beer and a lit cigarette as he approached Livingston. They say that’s when Livingston shot Motley in the chest.

Motley died a short time later.

This story is a couple of weeks old, so I would have expected more details to have come out.

To me, the story seems to be missing a lot of detail.  The situation went from 0 to 60 quickly and it was because of loud music?

The shooter was a police officer for less than three years which is interesting.  Other news reports say the shooter wasn’t licensed to be an armed security guard in the state.