Rain Barrel Fix…………..

I think it was last year, I found a FREE rain barrel on the crub.

A great free find !!

Curb Score !!!


Well crap, there’s a leak in the lower drain.

Went out a recent Saturday morning with my cup of coffee and I saw a big wet spot under the rain barrel.  I care less about the loss of water, than I do the chance of rotting out my wooden stand.


Looking inside of the barrel, it looks like there is just some teflon tape on the threads of the drain.  I thought that there would have been a locking nut at least on the inside to hold it tight.

Just as well, the chances of me being able to reach in and tighten such a nut would be damn near impossible !!


Well lucky me, I had some leftover silicon sealer from a recent toilet flapper repair that should be just right for this repair.

The next day, the big glop of silicon was dry.

Well, there she stands all patched up ready for the next rain.