Portillo’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich…………………

Well, because EVERY fast food restaurant has to have a “Spicy Chicken Sandwich”, Portillo’s has one now.

So I had a gift card and we went out with the in-laws for a quick dinner.

I normally order a hamburger because I know that it’s always going to be good.  I saw the sign for the “NEW” spicy chicken sandwich and thought I would give it a try.

Mine looked not quite like the advertised picture !!!!

I would not recommend this sandwich.  It was more hot than flavor.

I told someone at work today that I had the Spicy Chicken at Portillo’s and before I could finish he said, “Were you disappointed too?”  And I said I was !!!

We both agreed that Portillo’s should stick to beef and let Popeye’s make great spicy chicken sandwiches.  If you haven’t tried the spicy chicken at Popeye’s, go get some !!!  The best.

Walking up to the restaurant, I was very dismayed to see the “MASK REQURIED” signage:

The good news was many people were NOT wearing the face diaper and the business did not push it.

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  1. Zendo Deb says:

    Portillo’s… A Chicago-style dog, the Italian sausage with hot peppers, or the Big Beef Combo (beef and peppers)… with fries. Skip the shake.

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