A Little Work On The Mower………….

I had to change the blade on the mower this spring and decided to give it a good cleaning.

Can’t believe that I have had this mower for 15 years.

Every year I run the mower out of gas and in the spring, starts on the most, the second pull.

Dirty, dirty, dirty girl !!!

I took the plastic shield off of the back to get into the drive and there was quite a bit of dirt and grass cuttings.

The electric start does not work (dead battery??) so I removed that.

There she is all cleaned up, put the plastic shield back on and it is good to go.

6.75 horsepower Briggs & Stratton.  Great engine !!! Lots and lots of power.

My in-laws live nearby, have a small yard slightly bigger than mine and in the past ten years I have had to mow their yard because of various aliments.  They have a deep ditch in the front which is the hardest to mow (even for me).

My father in-law buys cheap crap and that includes their lawnmower which  #1 is grossly underpowered and #2 has so many “safety” features, it literally hurts to use it !!!.

If I still had my pickup, I would have just taken mine over and it would have been a breeze. Oh well…………..


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  1. As long as you keep your air filter clean, your oil changed, and use clean gas, there is no reason why it won’t last another several years. Your recoil starter cord could be in jeopardy of breaking, given the use of the electric starter for so long…be prepared, and watch that self propelled belt too.

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