Sunday Linkage


Website Linkage
The Other McCain David French Gets Paid to Hate You
Bustednuckles A Coupla Small Projects Ticked Off The List
Woodsterman Been Busy So You Get Libturds This Morning
Victory Girls Ma’Khia Bryant Wanted Her Mom Who Was Not There
357 Magnum The Canadian Deep State
Hogewash The U.S. Capitol Police Respond to an IG Report
Watts Up With That Ocean Acidification Effects Research in Doubt
Freedom Is Just Another Word… Sunday Memes ….

5 comments on “Sunday Linkage

  1. […] Time has some great links to peruse, but maybe one more link to a certain blog would make it even […]

  2. […] as always to Pirate’s Cove, Bacon Time, The Other McCain and Whores and Ale for the Rule Five […]

  3. Gatordoug says:

    Thanks for the link. Fine work you ae doing over here

  4. […] French Gets Paid to Hate You Bacon Time […]

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