A Question For All Y’All In The RX Industry……………………..

How much does a China Wuhan Virus shot cost????

I’ve been internet searching gobs and gobs and I cannot find out how much “The Shot” costs.

How much does it cost Pfizer to manufacture “The Shot?”?

How much does Pfizer charge Walgreens to buy “The Shot?”

How much does Walgreens charge the patient for “The Shot?”

How much does insurance reimburse/pay for “The Shot?”




7 comments on “A Question For All Y’All In The RX Industry……………………..

  1. MaddMedic says:

    Nothing!! Not a cent!! And even cheaper if you don’t get the damn shot!!

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  3. checkers says:

    Here’s the thing. I’m a doctor. I am in a group of nine others.. We all got the shot. We all filled out our paperwork and they took copies of our insurance cards like would usually occur. Same with our 30 some employees. None of us has seen a bill come thru the system. No EOB, no copay request. Nothing. We all got Moderna. Either it was free or they never billed or they don’t want us to see it?

  4. Frederick says:

    Here’s a link to the Washington State Medicaid info on it:

    Click to access apple-health-covid-vaccine-policy.pdf

    “The vaccines have been purchased by the federal government and are being provided free of charge to providers that have enrolled in the federal COVID-19 Vaccination Program or the Washington State Department of Health COVID – 19 Vaccination Program.”

    Your insurance company is not paying for it. They are only paying for providers to administer the shots, and for Medicaid that’s about $20 per dose (they pay more for the second one to incent people to get the second on.

  5. WDS says:

    Something to think about.
    If you’re a safe driver you’re “eligible” for lower car insurance rates.
    If you don’t smoke you’re “eligible” for lower health insurance rates.
    Pay your cellphone bill on time? “Eligible” for a deal in a new phone.
    If the “Rona” was such a deadly disease why did I have to wait to be “eligible”
    to get a vaccination that still requires me to wear a mask and possibly have to get
    another vaccination?

    btw, I didn’t get the vax…

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