New Seeds Have Arrived……………

I do not know how or why I got on a mail list for a seed catalog, but a catalog arrived addressed to me !!

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

They are big into heirloom and non GMO seeds (which isn’t an issue for me either way)

Prices are fair and of course, “Free Shipping” seals the deal !

(Click to embiggen all photos)

I only have interest in the tomatoes and melons.  Really, really, really hope the $@^!# tree rats don’t destroy the melons !!!  I plan on putting the melons on some lattice that I will attach to the fence.

The radishes only take 18 days to mature, so those will be interesting..

I am planning on increasing the plantable acreage on the back 40 to have more crops this year.

This would be the back 40 at Casa Del Bacon:

The 1/3 on the left is all non edibles.

The food acreage gets  pretty good sunlight all day until about 3 pm when the back fence starts putting shadows on the ground.  I think I will add about 2 more feet to the crop area.

Now, let’s go back in history a bit.  For the first 10 years, the below photos show what the back yard looked like.

Don’t make anything of the idea that the garden looks like graves.

I also had a small “fish hole” for about 15 years.  It developed a leak one winter and it was the end of the fish hole.

Really miss it too and would love to put another one in


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