Biden Gas………………

So the first official act of the pretend president is to kill 11,000 jobs and lessen our domestic oil production.

Gasoline prices have been rising as of late and it seems the Hair-Sniffer-In-Chief is getting the credit/blame.

So, let’s take a look.

I track things compulsively (no, it is NOT a problem) so I have lots of data about my purchases of gasoline going back, many, many, many years. For this exercise, going back to 2017 will be enough:

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From 01/01/2017 to 06/30/2019, the Illinois gas tax was .19 a gallon and after 07/2019, it was .38 a gallon and I have taken that extra .19 out after 07/2019 to remain consistent.

Gas prices have been rising since 12/2020.  But that remains consistent with the previous years.  Looking at the data, there is always a rise from December, to April except April 2020.

This is a result of switching from Winter blend to Summer blend and would explain the rise in price due to lower inventory.

The only exception shown in the data would be April of 2020 and that is easily explained by the fact that fascist governors closed the country and there was less driving and obviously an over supply of the winter blend.

All driving for the US during 2020 is far below normal and resulted in large inventories of gasoline resulting in the low prices for 2020.

To be fair to tapioca brained Biden, I don’t think at this point, gasoline prices rising are directly his fault.

This is all based on my experience of buying fuel in my area and your situation may be different.