Would $100 Help Change Your Mind To Get The Wuhan Virus Shot?


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The company I work for is offering an incentive of $100 if an employee gets the China Wuhan Virus shot.

Mmmmmmmmm, NOPE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 comments on “Would $100 Help Change Your Mind To Get The Wuhan Virus Shot?

  1. Blackdog says:

    There aren’t enough zeros to tack onto the end of that $100 to intice me.

  2. ADStryker says:

    There are enough zeros in the world to entice me, but two zeros is not enough.

  3. Panama Red says:

    You should take them up on that offer before they start charging you for NOT getting the shot.

  4. ruralcounsel says:

    Let’s see if they’ll indemnify you for any medical costs for the rest of your life that are attributable to the “vaccine.” Including future generations. Since the “vaccine” makers are not liable, and the government isn’t liable.

    This is how to tell how “tested” and “validated” the vaccine really is. Let the insurance companies decide how much the premium will be to insure a company that pushes the “vaccine” on their workers.

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