Would You Shoot A Stranger To Save A Stranger?

From 357 Magnum:

Would You Act In Defense of a Stranger?


Two “friends” were at a shooting range, taking turns firing a pistol. Their girlfriends were also present, when one of the guys turned and started shooting at his “friend.” (With friends like that, who needs enemies?) He shot his friend 5 times before he was stopped.

The 67-year-old man in a neighboring shooting stall, whom authorities said had no connection to the two men and who authorities did not identify, fired his weapon at Eppley in an attempt to stop the attack, killing Eppley.

“He’s aware he took someone’s life and he has remorse over what he did, but listening and watching his statement to the state police, he believed it was necessary for him to do what he did at the time,” [Erie County District Attorney Jack] Daneri said.


You would generally think that saving a stranger from an attack would be automatic.

BUT !!

Being the third man in is always dangerous !!!

In the above situation, how do you know that the shooter is not the “good guy”???

Tough call to make.

2 comments on “Would You Shoot A Stranger To Save A Stranger?

  1. A. Landmesser says:

    Better know who is the bad guy before you shoot. Its usually pretty obvious, like some 20 year old assault an 80 year old, or some 14 year olds attacking and knifing a 30 year old food delivery woman.

    If you aren’t sure hold them prisoner and let the judge turn them loose.

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